Fictif: Choose Your Own Story MOD APK v1.0.41 (Free Premium choices)

Posted 7 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameFictif: Choose Your Own Story
PublisherNix Hydra
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Novels are interesting stories written by writers with skilled pens. The sentences are like a book that will give us a lot of thought. The unexpected situations and the charm of the novel are what attract the reader. More and more people are turning to read the novel instead of other types of stories because of its appeal. If you are a fan of reading novels, you should not miss this good game. Coming to Fictif: Choose Your Own Story involved in interesting stories.

Fiction that novels are increasingly loved and received by many readers. The desire to improve the novel becomes more interesting than usual. A group of female game makers created Fictif: Choose Your Own Story. A game you will choose your favorite story and participate in it. The novel is not just words anymore, it’s about journeys. Featuring 2D graphics with highly detailed and sharp character shapes. All will give players a completely new experience never seen before. Decide for yourself the whole fate of the story in your direction.

Fictif Choose Your Own Story mod download

Download Fictif: Choose Your Own Story mod – Choose your own story

Coming to Fictif: Choose Your Own Story you will be the main character in the stories. With an extremely simple play operation that is to select the answers by touching the touch screen. You were able to enjoy the exciting journey in the story. No need to do anything too much, just sit and touch and enjoy, relax with the novel. No need to turn the usual boring and full-text pages anymore. So now you can go to Fictif: Choose Your Own Story and interact with the characters in the stories. Help the player to be more interested in the novel and not be limited by any restrictive stereotypes.

Fictif Choose Your Own Story mod android

Choose the end

Regular novels will have unexpected endings given by the author at the end of the story. But in Fictif: Choose Your Own Story it is you who will create those endings. Each of your choices in the situations given by the game will more or less affect the end of the story. Be the one to make decisions and make the choices you feel are right with. Guide yourself through the situations to feel the story. Making decisions like that also makes you stronger. You will be the main player and the story will revolve around you. Make your story engaging and engaging. Write a story in your own direction.

Fictif Choose Your Own Story mod apk

Characters in the story

You will meet and interact with characters in Fictif: Choose Your Own Story. The characters with colorful graphics will bring an interesting experience. Each of them has their own personality. Through the game, you can see who they really are. Some people also have mysterious identities that can only be discovered by the end of the game. Many characters seem nothing interesting but can do wonders. They will revolve around your choices like games with multiple endings. The endings that will affect them more or less are mainly from your choices. Feel the story by interacting with them.

Fictif Choose Your Own Story mod free

Lots of good stories

Not only one but many other stories in Fictif: Choose Your Own Story. If you find a story that suits you can choose to start playing. Each story will have its own gameplay with many interesting things. Unleash you to explore the colorful worlds of the characters in the story. From thrilling mystery cases to the rich lives of the elite. The handsome boys with 6-pack bodies and beautiful attractive girls. All will make you feel awed at the variety that game makers have brought to you. Explore the world of fiction full of mystery and charm in the world of Fictif: Choose Your Own Story now.

Fictif Choose Your Own Story mod apk free

Discover interesting things

Every story brought by the game maker will be stories of high quality. All will be elaborated in the most meticulous and thorough way to satisfy players. Each story will have its own unique art style. An interactive art of good quality and fun. Lots of stories with romantic characters await you. You will be best supported by the game maker if there are errors that make the player uncomfortable. The stories will also always be updated. Download Fictif: Choose Your Own Story mod to search for your own story. Create your own ending for the stories you play.

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