PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA MOD APK (Many coins, Orb/Free upgrade) 2.17.0

Updated on 08/02/2023 (5 hours ago)
MOD FeaturesMany coins, Orb/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Based on the famous traditional temples of Japanese culture, PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA simulates the rebuilding of these historic buildings in a whole new way. The opportunity to approach Japanese culture is sometimes not as challenging as you think. PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA will let you experience what it is like to build a temple in Shinto culture. Combine with many interesting anime elements to not be boring. Starting from the basic steps to the end to create the most beautiful temple. There are many blueprints for you to start working on right now.

Your role in this game will be a temple manager. Create temples in the game. In real life, these temples are also known as Jinja. It is a traditional temple and is the main design of many famous temples in Japan. You will control the characters that make up the Jinja. Manage them and welcome guests to pray for all the best. Exactly this game simulates the work of the custodians of the temples. Organize events and festivals to welcome visitors every year.


Download PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA mod – Manage splendid and impressive Jinja temples

Although nominally managing the temples, you will create them yourself and design them to be the most beautiful and sacred, from the foundation to the ground level. Design the exterior and interior of the temple. Decorate a few more scenes to make the atmosphere more airy and comfortable. Gives the feeling of a real sacred temple. After completing the temple, begin to welcome guests here. All to pray to wish for good things to come to you. Please prepare everything carefully so that the festival activities in the temple go smoothly.

Set up a fun environment

Not only the temple but the surrounding environmental factors can also be changed. Create large plants to add vitality to the whole temple. Plant more flowers placed in different positions to decorate and add more colors. There are additional options for creating a river or lake next to the temple. You can recognize these details very much like in real life. Temples are usually located in a forest. There are many different kinds of flowers in the forest. Sometimes there is a river crossing. The developers have tried to recreate the scene of a temple into PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA most realistically and vividly.


Create a variety of unique temples

There are many styles and designs of temples in the game. Most of them are recognizable as being taken from the designs of real-life temples. Building temples is also indispensable for other additional works. We will find the right place to place the Torii gate so that it is beautiful and separates the earth from the spirit world. Lanterns are also essential to place everywhere in the temple. Not only for decorative purposes, but the arrangement of gates and objects will also help implement many safety measures to ward off evil. The temple’s devotees can more easily and safely access the temple.

Connection and exorcism

Once everything is done, you will welcome the devotees who come here for prayers and other activities in the temple. Occasionally there will be the appearance of demons that are drawn here. Upgrade the temple to strengthen the barrier and prevent the demons from entering. It is also a spiritual detail in the culture of temples in Japan. Avoid demons entering temples and public places to cause calamities. Pray and seek good luck in the new year. That is why there are many festivals related to Shinto shrines in Japan.


If you want to get close to the oldest cultural features of Japan, Shinto is an example for you to learn right now. With thousands of years of history, temples and myths are the most evident proof. Aim for the good and pray for the safety of yourself and those around you. Actively visit temples to pray for good luck during a year of work and study. Then let’s create a temple first so everyone can do it. Download PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA mod to create your sacred temple.

Download PIXEL SHRINE – JINJA MOD APK (Many coins, Orb/Free upgrade) for Android

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