Like a Pizza MOD APK 1.70 (Free rewards)

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NameLike a Pizza APK
MOD FeaturesFree rewards
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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If you think pizza is a substantial dish, you’re probably right with Like a Pizza. This will be the business method that brings the most benefits to you and your model. Make customers fall in love with what this fast food brings. Not only that but it also create a large business. The best business chain stores will be ready to serve the big requests. So let’s start sending these food products to customers. Make it easy for them to enjoy these small, simple meals.

Like a Pizza is a game created in a way that can be said to be minimalist in graphics and gameplay, such games are often rated exceptionally well in terms of quick entertainment. It is no exception with the success that Like a Pizza created later. With just a few touches, we can operate everything. All operations need to be accurate and fast to bring victory to you. It can be said that just a ten-minute break with this game is enough to make you feel comfortable. Feel the joy that cannot be found in other activities.

Like a Pizza mod

Download Like a Pizza mod – Run a pizza shop

Your pizza shop is getting a lot of attention from customers. Therefore, we need to serve them carefully, so they do not leave. The chef will be in charge of producing the pizzas, and you only need to direct the staff to bring them to the guests. Money will be stacked on the ground and only need to be harvested to add to the part to be built. The more pizzas you sell, the faster you can scale up. With simple actions, we have ultimately got what we need. Try to speed up the process to be able to receive more customers. Do not delay otherwise, and the guests will be annoyed and create a disadvantage for us.

Boost productivity

You do not need to spend any money to help the store expand. Just harvest the wages from the customers and place them in the required positions. When these positions have enough money, there will be a new kitchen or a cashier counter. You can use the money you earn to increase your staff. Help shorten the service process significantly and neatly. You will see that after building new sections, revenue also improves more. There is more room for customers to come and be served perfectly. Save a lot of unnecessary work that is making you tired.

Like a Pizza mod free

Online service

Customers often do not need to come to your store but still get food. All thanks to the door-to-door delivery service that your store applies like any other model. Of course, we will have a delivery person with the ability to deliver multiple orders at the same time. Help deliver hot pizzas to guests in time. Moreover, you will have more remuneration if you upgrade this shipping service. The store does not have to accommodate many customers but still increases income. It is an intelligent business strategy that not everyone can apply in the best way. So you should find out everything and make sure to do this part.

Like a Pizza mod apk

Staff upgrade

One of your employees can bring a certain number of pizzas to each table. This also applies to the delivery staff you are managing. But if we upgrade the team, we can increase the number of pizzas they can bring. At the same time, it also increases the service speed much higher than before. So having flexible employees in Like a Pizza mod is a huge advantage.

Download Like a Pizza MOD APK (Free rewards) for Android

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