Hero Making Tycoon MOD APK (Free shopping/High Damage) 1.9.7

Updated 29/11/2023 (36 mins ago)
NameHero Making Tycoon APK
PublisherHello Games Team
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hero Making Tycoon MOD APK Information

  • V1: Increase damage
  • V2: Free shopping

Introduce MOD APK Hero Making Tycoon

You are holding all the secrets to creating super soldiers in Hero Making Tycoon. All for the sake of a noble purpose: to protect this world. You are always looking for powerful recipes to make heroes more perfect. Your factory will become a place that can safely watch the planet. Ready to find the enemy and show them what absolute destruction is. An entire army would be an unbeatable tool. Hold your ground, make everyone kneel before you, and dare not do anything.

Hero Making Tycoon is a simulation game suitable for all ages. Bring all the heroes from the movies to you up close—a simple and hassle-free way of managing production models. Our dream of being the boss is not far away. No capital investment is required to start a business—effortless idle management style to automate everything. You will be the one to find the direction for your business. Make it the most robust model the world has.

Hero Making Tycoon mod

Download Hero Making Tycoon mod – Produce undefeated heroes.

With the desire to destroy all the monsters that exist on this planet, you took action. Assemble your hero training lines and train soldiers. The completed units will be sent to the battlefield. They will fight monsters and bring you bonuses. The more heroes you go to battle, the more money you earn for the training camp. Let’s make it a big factory by increasing capacity. Make machine and utility upgrades in the factory. It will help you boost both quantity and quality. You are making products that are even better than before.

Hero Unlock

The heroes are not only one but also divided into many different professions. Each profession plays a specific role while fighting the enemy. You will unlock a new job after reaching the more current production level. We have archers with his arrows. Some sworders are ready to face the enemy directly without fear. Magicians always have a source of abundant magic that can be summoned at any time. Plus, there are other exciting professions at later levels. After unlocking, you will find your ranks more diverse. Increases the ability to defeat enemies much higher than before.

Hero Making Tycoon mod apk

Intensify production

The way the production line works is similar to what you know. The higher the level of the production machines, the more powerful characters you have. It will train the basic stats that the character needs to have. Provide the best weapons to deal damage to enemies. With an army that is both diverse and destructive, nothing can stand it. You will quickly get your enemies in trouble. However, a large sum of money is required to perform the upgrade. You may need to participate in other activities as well as wait patiently. The result will be something highly worthy to us to enjoy.

Hero Making Tycoon mod free

Attack the boss

The leaders of the demons were furious and wanted to destroy your factory immediately. Before they can take action, you have commanded the strongest army to join the war. Let your heroes face giant bosses. Destroy them and reap hundreds of valuable loot. It should be noted that these bosses are mighty and very difficult to destroy in the Hero Making Tycoon mod.

How to Download & Install Hero Making Tycoon MOD APK (Free shopping/High Damage) for Android


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