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Updated 14/02/2023 (7 months ago)
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Introduce Pixel Rush MOD APK

Out of all the racing games you’ve played, have you encountered a game like Pixel Rush? The main character in this game is the pixel guy in a hurry. He is a non-stop runner. With a leaning figure, walking like a drunken person because he tripped over an obstacle. This is probably the funniest runner ever. Let’s find out what his track is different and how to get him to the finish line.

Pixel Rush is produced by SayGames, an expert in creating fun pixelated and stick people characters. Despite the simple shape, the fun that SayGames games bring is immense. Although it does not have a beautiful appearance, Pixel Rush has a whole world filled with colorful and eye-catching colors. The gameplay is super easy. Just move your finger left or right. But the immortality of the guy Pixel will make you come to be unable to leave.

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Download Pixel Rush mod – Join the funniest race you’ve ever known

Pixel Rush is inspired by the small elements that make up the complete body. Our character has a similar structure. It consists of elements joined together. When a collision or force is applied to it, the elements can be separated. This is the special thing that makes the game attractive. Your Pixel character can be dropped using body parts. But when powered up, Pixel Boy can regrow full body parts.

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Race with Pixel Boy

Your task when entering the game is to control the Pixel Boy character racing to the finish line. The character will not stop moving forward until it is shattered to pieces and no part of the body remains. Controlling Pixel Boy is straightforward. Players need to use their index fingers to move left or right. The character will move in the direction you specify. The difficult and important thing during the game is that you need to limit the collision of Pixel Boy with obstacles. If you hit too many obstacles, the Pixel will disappear, and you have to start from the beginning.

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Lots of unexpected obstacles

The obstacles in Pixel Rush are diverse and always come as a surprise. Your Pixel Boy can be attacked by forks and knives. It is possible to be suddenly hit by a hammer flying from nowhere. Along the way, some countless spikes and bars make you lose pixels. In addition to dodging objects, you need to take advantage of the spring jumpers to accelerate the flight forward. It will help Pixel Boy fly up and no longer be hit by obstacles. Accumulating a lot of stars to restore shape when you lose pixels is the best way to revive.

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Skills of an athlete

This game needs a skilled operator. In addition to control and observation skills, agility is the last factor. The better these three skills of yours, the faster you unlock the Mystery Box. It will bring you special prizes. Pixel Rush is a game that requires high concentration. Just a minute of neglect makes the Pixel Boy character disappear. Playing the game hard will help you train your observation ability and agility. All efforts will eventually be rewarded with well-deserved rewards.

Pixel Rush mod apk free

Unlock new characters

To increase the appeal of the game, you can change the appearance of the Pixel Boy character. Enter the shop section and unlock new characters. Buy and equip additional character accessories such as hats, boots, crowns, gloves, magic wands,… Pixel Boy can also dress up as a pirate, king, chicken, the tree,…Anything that interests you choose to race with you.

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Collect stars

Twinkling stars are scattered throughout the path. It would be best if you controlled Pixel Boy while avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. Pixel character needs to run over and touch the star, and it already belongs to you. How easy is it to earn stars? In addition, after a successful race to the finish line, you will also receive great rewards. Those are also the stars. Use the star to unlock more unique and interesting costumes that add to the excitement of the game.

Pixel Rush mod

This is no ordinary race. This is the race of the Pixel Boy and a manufactured of non-contiguous blocks. He can fall using body parts if you can’t help him dodge the obstacles. Overcoming hundreds of thousands of difficult challenges, you will receive beautiful sparkling stars. Pixel Rush is really a super entertaining game for everyone. Download Pixel Rush mod now and help Pixel Boy character straight to the finish line.

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