Pixel Blade W MOD APK (High Damage/Free Potions) 1.5.9

Updated 15/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NamePixel Blade W APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage/Free Potions
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pixel Blade W MOD APK detail?

*MOD Features*


Introduce MOD APK Pixel Blade W

Pixel Blade W MOD APK (High Damage/Free Potions) helps you possess heroic power and fight against challenges. You will become a person with strong abilities and participate in dangerous battles. That is to rush into the dungeon to fight against the monsters’ plans to invade the world. So it would be best if you destroyed them to collect gold to have money to upgrade your power. Besides, you can create equipment with the materials you find. However, it would be best if you tried to survive in increasingly dangerous battles. Get ready to fight in the dungeon as you become a hero to fight monsters.

Your mission in pixel graphics is to join the fight for the world. And the enemies you must confront are the waves of evil monsters living inside the dungeon. They have gathered in large numbers and are preparing to destroy all humans. So you will fight in jail as the last hero of this world. Those will be the fiercest battles where you can prove your strength. And continuously upgrade your power so that the hero can challenge every level. Start fighting in the dungeons as a hero responsible for protecting your world.

Pixel Blade W mod

Download Pixel Blade W APK mod – Fight every dungeon challenge as a hero

You will enter dungeons where monsters occupy and prevent them from coming out. They have prepared cruel plans to destroy humans and conquer. And you will proactively launch attacks before they can come out of the dungeon. Then, you will hunt for monsters and use heroic powers to destroy them. During this process, make equipment from collected gold and materials. Finally, become strong and conquer every dungeon by killing monsters. Test your fighting ability as a hero facing dungeon levels.

Pixel Blade W apk

Fight in the dungeon

The challenges you face as a hero in the pixel world are against monsters. They live in many dungeons, so you must conquer them all to protect humans. So, accompany your hero to rush through their other waves. You will see the hero fighting from above, which will be convenient for the control process. Heroes also have powerful skills that help them destroy attacking monsters. The battles will become faster to challenge your control ability from there. Join heroes against monsters and prove their fighting power in Pixel Blade W APK 1.5.9.

Pixel Blade W mod apk

Increase hero power level

You are the one who will witness the heroes’ power as they fight in the dungeon battlefields. And when you destroy them, monsters will become more angry and appear more in the levels. So, it would be best to level your power before the battles become more complex. By creating weapons, you will help the hero increase damage and destroy monsters. But you must collect and bring the necessary materials into the crafting system. Besides, it would be best to accumulate gold to meet the conditions and resources when creating heroic equipment. Destroy monsters in levels and continuously level up heroes to become stronger.

Pixel Blade W free

Conquer combat challenges

The monsters in the dungeons are the enemies you need to destroy as the hero. And in their numbers, they have taken over the entire dungeon, which are your challenges. But with upgraded hero power, you will not hesitate to participate in combat. Even if all the monsters appear simultaneously, you still hold your weapon to destroy them. With the special effects of firearms, you will confidently fight in dungeon levels. And new dungeons will also appear if you complete the initial combat challenges. So eliminate evil monsters and prove your ability to combine combat with heroes.

Pixel Blade W android

You are the only hero left in the world and must take on the task of fighting. These are challenges to destroy evil monsters occupying dungeons in the lands. With the ability to control, you will join the brave hero to fight them at all levels. There, you can collect materials for your hero to gain greater power. You will use the crafting system to get powerful equipment to help your heroes fight. And when you become strong, you will be resilient against monster enemies in challenges. Download Pixel Blade W MOD APK to join heroes fighting monsters in the pixel world.

How to Download & Install Pixel Blade W MOD APK (High Damage/Free Potions) for Android


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