Pirate Reborn MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.0.1

Updated 17/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NamePirate Reborn APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Pirate Reborn

Indeed everyone has seen or heard about the One Piece story—a popular series among Japanese manga and manga enthusiasts. Pirate Reborn has allowed players to immerse themselves in the frivolous pirate world. Or, instead of incarnation, players can recruit new members for the team. Players can create their interactions with the characters in the game. The exciting thing is that you don’t care in the book or in the movie how they are related to each other. It can be an enemy or a friend, but the decision is entirely yours when entering the game. New and special events take place regularly to increase attraction.

On the game’s main screen, you can see the character system you own. At the bottom of each character is a white circle of power. On the top are a display of level, number of stars, and and combat ability. When touching these characters, the player is transported to a personal area. This area provides information, upgrades, and changes players can make with the character. When the player touches the map area where the battles occur, the player can see many round points connected by dashed lines. You hold the station to the rounded end corresponding to the level you own to enter the match.

Pirate Reborn android

Download Pirate Reborn mod – Immerse yourself in the adventures of the pirate team in the OnePiece series.

All characters in your battle team participate in the battle. All symbols appear on the screen, and at the bottom is a series of squares containing the avatars of these characters. If you want a character to attack, you can touch that character’s image. The corresponding character then steps forward and attacks the enemy team. After an attack, there is a rest period. The avatar of the newly blasted surface will turn dark. After a while, it will light up again and can continue to use. In a level, there are usually two rounds; the first round is a mid-range enemy, and the second round is a stronger enemy.

Pirate Reborn apk free

Recruiting a team

Players can strengthen their team with new pirate recruits as they progress in the game. Each has its abilities and advantages. Players will need stronger pirates and more excellent skills. Because the higher the level, the player will encounter stronger enemies in the battle. The characters in the game are simulated almost exactly like in the story, from appearance to solid fighting ability. However, the only difference is in the level of the individual characters. Because they have the same starting point, you need to train and upgrade your character if you want a stronger team.

Pirate Reborn apk

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit players can get another popular Pirate Reborn feature. Devil Fruits play an essential role in the One Piece and Pirate Reborn universes. It grants players unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. For example, eating the Mera Mera, no Mi helps you control fire. While eating the Gomu, Gomu no Mi fruit allows you to stretch your limbs. These fruits can be obtained by completing related quests or buying them with currency. The addition of Devil Fruits increases the game’s strategic depth by making the player choose which fruit to use and when to use it in battle.

Pirate Reborn mod apk

Character interaction

As is known, the player can decide the relationship between the characters in the game. In particular, the game also recreates the special moves of the characters. Although these two characters can be adversaries in the story, constantly confronting each other. But if you are teammates and join the fight. They still had to engage in combat and were uncompromising. In addition, when there are some character-specific moves. The image of the character performing this operation will be enlarged and have the same effect in the movie. Players can immerse themselves in the passion of enjoying the game’s epic footage.

Pirate Reborn mod

A variety of special events are held regularly. Players can take advantage of these events as a place to practice their combat abilities. This can also be a place that you can use to earn more items for character upgrades. In addition to the story-based battle mode, you can participate in the arenas. Here you can confront other players to challenge your abilities and your enemies. Download Pirate Reborn mod owns the strongest team of pirates in the ocean and earns much money from wars.

How to Download & Install Pirate Reborn MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android


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