Pixel Archer Defense MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Damage multiplier) 0.1.91

Updated 31/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NamePixel Archer Defense APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Damage multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Pixel Archer Defense MOD APK detail?

Enemies Kill Self
Damage Multiplier
Add Gold
Add Diamonds
Add Souls

Introduce MOD APK Pixel Archer Defense

Pixel Archer Defense MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Damage multiplier) is where you can show off your fighting skills as an archer. You will participate in the mission to protect a legendary baobab tree of the world. It is a tree that has lived for thousands of years and sheltered generations of people safely. But now it has become the target of attack by the most brutal enemies. So, arboreal bird rangers must wage defensive battles despite the challenges. And you will be the one to lead them to conquer the combat challenges ahead. Get ready to fight to protect the baobab tree safely from attacks from enemies.

Your mission in defensive battles is to protect the baobab tree. And the people who will accompany you in combat challenges are the bird rangers. They have lived in trees for a long time and consider this a home that surrounds and protects them. Therefore, if the baobab tree is destroyed, its place will also be destroyed. When you start fighting, you will see many powerful birds rushing together. They will use the spectacular skills they have to damage and destroy enemies. Start fighting on different levels and successfully stop the enemy from destroying the baobab tree.

Pixel Archer Defense mod

Download Pixel Archer Defense APK mod – Win challenging defence battles

You will command an army of special warriors to fight in challenges. The bird rangers engage in battle against their attacking enemies. They want to destroy the baobab tree and the life birds have worked hard to build. So you will become a companion they can trust in battles. However, when you start fighting, you feel your great responsibility. In addition to helping the birds destroy enemies, you must increase their strength with them. Fight against waves of evil enemy attacks in defensive campaigns.

Pixel Archer Defense apk

Collect ranger birds

Birds will be warriors who will fight with you in challenges against enemies. They can be called brave rangers because of their purpose in protecting baobab trees. And you will be the one to gather different species of birds to have the strongest fighting force. Each species will appear with its unique appearance as well as spectacular skills. With the diversity of the fighting squad, you will admire interesting moments. So you will have enough strength to fight pests and fight ahead with tasks. Collect ranger birds to fight enemies in Pixel Archer Defense APK 0.1.91.

Pixel Archer Defense mod apk

Fight in challenges

You will fight against evil pests that want to climb the baobab tree. And if that happens, these thousands of years old trees will be destroyed. However, the brave warriors, the bird rangers, stopped them. So you will use fighting weapons with them, which are bows, to shoot at the enemy. But you can’t always fight mechanically; you must use effective strategies. They will help you overcome various challenges and destroy evil pests. Show off your talent as a fighting bird ranger team leader and conquer different challenges.

Pixel Archer Defense free

Conquer every combat mission

Waves of insect invasions will continue to appear to attack baobab trees. So, the bird rangers will step out to fight and stop them with powerful weapons. And when you start fighting, you will feel their powerful talents and skills. Furthermore, you will also be immersed in exciting and attractive battles. However, to defeat the pests, you need to collect bird rangers to support the fight. Besides, you can also complete your collection of powerful birds. Explore challenging battles as you accompany a team of fighting bird rangers.

Pixel Archer Defense android

You are the leader of an army with the talent to use bows to fight in challenges. And when you launch the battle levels, you will see they are brave birds. During the companionship, you will learn that their goal is to destroy insects. These are evil enemies who want to destroy baobab trees and bird habitats. So you must quickly collect the most talented birds and form a team. Then, you will feel your role and responsibility when fighting. Download Pixel Archer Defense MOD APK to experience and explore challenging battles on the baobab tree.

How to Download & Install Pixel Archer Defense MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Damage multiplier) for Android


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