Parkour Race MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.11.1

Updated 17/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameParkour Race APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Parkour Race

Parkour can be considered as one of the most popular street cultures in the world. Millions of people are passionate about it for the pleasure of flying over buildings, ledges, or anything else it can climb. Along with the great health training that Parkour brings. Parkour Race MOD APK (Unlocked) is a game that takes you into the vibrant parkour world if you want a parkour hobby but doesn’t have time to learn and follow.

Released not long ago but has brought in an impressive number of players to more than 10 million. Parkour Race APK mod lets you become a talented Parkour expert. Race through skyscrapers together. With simple graphics, but the gameplay is parkour and fly, it makes players extremely happy when tested with positive reviews. Parkour Race is a great choice for you to try out this street sport with your friends. You want to explore thrilling sports, try Real Boxing 2. Or challenge your ingenuity with the game The Real Juggle.

Parkour Race mod

Download Parkour Race mod – Take Parkour to a new level

Game with a simple interface but not the main element. You are a character with a human-like appearance and have the ability to parkour very skillfully and beautifully. Together with other players, you can move freely in any way. Cross the buildings that appear throughout the level. Each building has different heights and characteristics so that you use them differently. You will jump, touch and run along the wall, roll, slide along with many actions. For the purpose of passing buildings at the fastest possible speed.

The same parkour with you as other players, sharing the same goal of becoming the first finisher. You will compete with others by showing your melancholy flying skills, speed and take the number one spot. Jumping over rooftops of buildings. Quickly use accelerated positions on buildings to outrun opponents unexpectedly. Make them mad with tricks to win, receive daily rewards with many attractive gifts.

Parkour Race mod 2

Show ultimate skills

With a large number of opponents, the game becomes extremely chaotic. It is important to use external factors such as the acceleration zone of buildings. Walls lead to an easier jumping area. Overcoming many obstacles will set a variety of new records and will look a lot cooler. Reasonable use of the positions of adjacent buildings. Combined into a safer and faster running zone to the destination. Become the Parkour Guys with super skills. Instead, become the Fall Guys and always fail in every terrain.

Parkour Race mod 4

Customize your parkour home

In order to make the game more colorful, it makes the experience more interesting. Parkour Race APK 1.11.1 includes a variety of costumes for you to choose from. From doctor, sailor, robot or samurai. Countless eye-catching outfits with extremely colorful but equally humorous effects. Despite my brand new looks and unleash parkour to impress my opponent. Less of the gaps in the gameplay. Compensate for the basic outfit and the buildings are all white, looking quite inert and lacking vitality. Become a celebrity and conquer the thrilling Parkour challenge.

Parkour Race mod 1

Fly and jump everywhere

You can join the parkour race in famous locations around the world. From New York with modern skyscrapers. Dreamy Paris with the real-life Eiffel Tower. Or Tokyo with its ancient temples and pagodas. Parkour Race MOD APK has a simulation system for many cities in countries around the world. Adorn the graphics and colors of the game more bright and brilliant. You can choose whichever city you want, parkour together there, and admire its simple yet meticulous architectural beauty.

Parkour Race mod 3

It is possible for everyone to experience a parkour expert somewhat. Parkour Race is worth a try to take part in a noisy and chaotic race. Along with soft visual and sound elements. Surely it will attract more people to join parkour in the near future. You will have extremely comfortable and relaxing moments with this parkour emulator game. And maybe it will give you a little inspiration to start practicing this subject in real life. Download Parkour Race mod and fly everywhere with your friends.

How to Download & Install Parkour Race MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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