Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania MOD APK (Menu, Long Lines/Always ball in Hand) 0.2.388

Updated 05/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NamePool Legends – 8 Ball Mania APK
PublisherReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu, Long Lines/Always ball in Hand
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania

Only players with enough skill and ingenuity can survive in Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania. One more exciting game with the theme of Billiards. This is inherently one of the most exciting and complex subjects. The challenge of billiards in real life is not a simple thing. Therefore, everything will be adjusted to be accessible to everyone in Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania. You play as an amateur billiard player. Then step by step practice to become a famous player in the world. Face any veteran player and beat them all. Enroll yourself in the list of legends of professional billiards.

The advantage of Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania over real-life billiards is that you only need to use your fingers. All operations such as holding the ball to shoot, aiming and shooting are minimalist on the smartphone screen. This is too obvious and needs no further discussion. The difficulty here is controlling the direction of the balls. The angle is perfect for forgetting the hole in any shot. Every billiard match is an intense match of wits between two or four players. The moment of victory is also the most exciting.

Pool Legends 8 Ball Mania mod

Download Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania mod – Arousing passion for billiards

Most matches in Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania will be 1-on-1. However, it can be adjusted to 4 players with two players per team in online mode. The pool table will be arranged from the top-down relative to the screen. You can observe everything clearly to capture the match. The rules of the game don’t need much explanation. If you’ve never played billiards, consult the tutorial mode for the most comprehensive understanding of the rules. If you already know the game’s rules, let’s start the first match right now. Compete against players from amateur to professional. You will need time to get used to the atmosphere in Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania.

Pool Legends 8 Ball Mania mod apk

Real-time matches

You and your opponent will compete against each other for a certain amount of time. Each side has a maximum goal of shooting seven bullets into the hole. You and your opponent will shoot two different types of balls. If you hit by mistake or miss, your opponent will have the right to shoot again. Or, unless you are talented enough to shoot the ball into the hole repeatedly, you can win without giving your opponent any chance. Of course, each match will have a limited time. If the time runs out before the game is completed, whoever has more balls under the hole will be the winner. This is the basic rule that every player should know. Take every moment to your advantage.

Pool Legends 8 Ball Mania mod apk free

Practice control

There are two tools for you to use in the match: the force measurement system and the angle alignment. Represents your posture and power when holding the club and aiming for the ball. Depending on your force, the ball will roll in a certain way. If you shoot too lightly, they can’t go far and hit another ball. On the contrary, if it is too strong, it can even be thrown out. You will again lose the turn to the opponent’s hand at that time. Therefore, estimating the firing force is not excessive at all. Next is the angle alignment, which will help you adjust the ball’s direction. This technique is hard to explain in words, but you will recognize it in matches. Combine them to win.

Pool Legends 8 Ball Mania mod free

Confront with friends

Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania is perfect for you to invite more friends and face off to show off your talent. Make many new friends, or invite your friends to play this game. Occasionally invite them into a one-on-one match or two-on-two if it’s crowded. Not only creating a fun atmosphere, the unexpected moments that happen are also beautiful and hard to forget. When there is no time for going out and shooting billiards, this is the most suitable option. Reaching a certain level, you and your friends will have the opportunity to participate in great tournaments. Look for opportunities to showcase your talents. Let the world know about a true master.

Pool Legends 8 Ball Mania free

Provide the necessary items and tools for a full billiards game. Improve your billiards skills and get more forehand sticks. Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania enhances your billiard shooting skills on smartphones. Learn more techniques about aiming and controlling shot force and angle. It’s not always possible to go out and play pool with friends. Then stay at home, meet them in Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania mod and feel the authenticity that comes from one of the most popular games in the world.

How to Download & Install Pool Legends – 8 Ball Mania MOD APK (Menu, Long Lines/Always ball in Hand) for Android


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