PAC-MAN GEO MOD APK (Menu/Ghost Hack) 2.1.2

Updated 18/09/2021 (3 years ago)
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Ghost Hack
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Traveling around the world and discovering everything is the dream of many of us. To make it a reality, let’s start your journey with PAC-MAN GEO. Enter the world of PAC-MAN but similar to everything around us. Immerse yourself in a world of simplicity and entertainment with fun. Runaway everywhere, even on the streets where I live. Become a legend and win the most extensive records for yourself.

PAC-MAN GEO is an improved version of the original legendary game PAC-MAN. It is also built and developed by the publisher BANDAI NAMCO. Create a game that combines physical locations with the game’s map. Bring a variety of variations in each person’s play. Maintain the classic images that make up the brand of this game. It brings a sense of nostalgia, but it is also more modern and diverse than you’ve ever known.


Download PAC-MAN GEO mod – Go anywhere in the world with PAC-MAN.

This is a game in the form of a map simulator combined with the Google Map application. It will help you to extend the journey of PAC-MAN to unlimited. The real-life roads will now be the layouts and obstacles in the game screen. Still similar to the classic gameplay, you will control your friend PAC-MAN. Help him avoid the chase of scary ghosts that want to devour him. Eat all the items along the way for a complete victory. Don’t let the ghosts catch you, or you will die. Explore all the most challenging levels from all over the world. Conquer and bring back outstanding points for yourself.

PAC MAN GEO mod free

Interesting gameplay

PAC-MAN GEO has a total of two modes of play, map mode and tour mode. With map mode, players can choose any area they want. Create a maze right in the exact location easily and quickly. With tour mode, it will be divided into different play stages. Each of these stages of play will be played out for a certain amount of time. You will have to compete with all the players around the world. After completing three times the level, the system will calculate your score and compare it with others. How far can you go in these super fun modes?

Attractive rewards

When playing, you always have a chance to win something valuable for yourself. Those are items related to the locations you have been to. These items fall into two categories: collectibles and usable items. Collectibles are usually miniatures, cards, animals, and other related things. With things that can trigger, we have ripe cherries. It will help you get a big score when won in the levels. Along with that are energy tablets that help you increase your strength and can eat against ghosts. Collect all the cool stuff related to places.

PAC MAN GEO mod apk

Go to famous places

You want to go everywhere, PAC-MAN will meet your needs quickly. From the famous cities of Paris, London, Milan to the beautiful beaches like Miami, Saud, Hawaii,… The paths there are the paths of challenges. The system will intelligently link and reproduce such that the roads are no different from real life. No matter on any continent with any location to every small street corner. From Europe, Asia, America to Oceania or Antarctica. PAC-MAN GEO is like a miniature world that allows you to go anywhere. Be prepared for new things waiting for you along the way.

PAC MAN GEO mod android

Note when choosing a map.

Choosing an appropriate map will also be a big challenge for you. The roads have quite a variety of designs that can often get you stuck. Do not choose routes that are too simple and have few turns around. These roads will soon bring you to a quick standstill. The ghosts will surround you by blocking all lanes. Find locations with high complexity for the system to calculate quickly. Create a perfect play for yourself to be confident and comfortable expressing. The roads coming from big cities are always a good challenge choice for many experienced people. Think and become responsive to new situations.

If you are a player who loves exploration, then PAC-MAN GEO mod will always be a good choice. It’s convenient and straightforward, but it also has features that you can’t find anywhere else. Your skills will no longer have a specific limit.

How to Download & Install PAC-MAN GEO MOD APK (Menu/Ghost Hack) for Android


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