Modern Strike Online MOD APK (Unlimited ammo/No reload) 1.65.5

Updated 16/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameModern Strike Online APK
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo/No reload
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online MOD APK (Unlimited ammo/No reload) is for players who love to have a gun battle with high-quality graphics. Play as one of the gunners connected with gunmen around the globe. You will have a fierce gun battle. On the largest scale battlefield, you fight in many different roles. Become a soldier storming into space full of bombs or backward to support your teammates. Modern Strike Online maximizes the player’s skills, shaking hands with teammates to defeat the enemy’s army. Risking in battles is sometimes not a way to make the enemy step back. This is not just a gunfight but also an intellectual fight.

The forces are almost mobilized to maximize their resources to bring victory. Modern Strike Online APK mod has a map system, a game mode that makes players not disappointed. You always find something new in the engaging gunfight gameplay. A short training session for everyone when they first play Modern Strike Online. I think it is necessary for you to understand how to hold a gun, shoot as well as use some supporting weapons like grenades. Next comes a few ways to use a gun and prepare as directed. At the end of the tutorial, you will be teleported to the battlefield.

Modern Strike Online mod

Download Modern Strike Online mod – Hold a gun and attack the enemy

First, players will get acquainted with the team fighting mode, you and your members fight with the other side. In the time limit, the two sides attack and if your team kills more kills it wins. Currently, Modern Strike Online APK 1.65.5 has 7 different shooting modes, but you must reach level 15 to have the right to participate in all battles. The gameplay is step-by-step, meaning you don’t have access to all the features in the first place. As the character develops, Modern Strike Online opens a new game mode with a higher difficulty.

Modern Strike Online mod download

Explore many maps

Modern Strike Online MOD APK has many maps for players to explore, but you did not have the right to choose when you were a rookie. Get used to the team battle mode and take out all enemies in your ability. According to information from the publisher, there are nearly 20 different maps. The fight can take place outdoors or indoors but it really is like a real battlefield. The crates, boxes present on the map will act as shields to help players avoid the killer bullets. You will find your own attack style when you gain access to new locations.

Modern Strike Online mod apk


There is much different equipment you can change characters. Hats, gloves, shoes, armor, first aid kit are indispensable for a warrior. Modern Strike Online has many different types to choose from, so equipment plays a very important role. Not only does it reduce damage, but you can also be revived again using the first aid kit. In addition, there are weapons systems of all kinds such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles. Scar L, Uzi are two of the rookie guns. Make changes as you get more bonuses from each winning battle.

Learn more skills

New skills are always a must-have for any gunman. But it’s not through training like military courses, you have to spend money to acquire new skills. Divided into specific categories, the search is also quite easy. For example popular skills, sniper, raid, scout …

Modern Strike Online mod android

Modern Strike Online game with battlefields that require agility. Discover a new powerful gun model, set foot in a land of enemies and dangers. You will find special abilities while fighting the enemy in the most amazing way. Download Modern Strike Online mod transformed into warriors and gun battles with other players around the world.

How to Download & Install Modern Strike Online MOD APK (Unlimited ammo/No reload) for Android


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Please update Make something different from what the Masters of respectively put

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update please

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If you mod this game by your self, can you add more features like no spread, rapid fire rate. Thanks.

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Relase rebel racing

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