PUBG Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil) 3.0.0

Updated 10/01/2024 (2 months ago)

PUBG Mobile MOD APK Mega Menu is the place for you to confront the top shooters around the world with a rich weapon system. You need to try not to lose your life and survive it all.

NamePUBG Mobile APK
PublisherLevel Infinite
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK PUBG Mobile

An enormous battlefield, carnage, and fame are all things in PUBG Mobile’s control. The humans involved in a ranking competition are considered the greatest. The winner gets everything, and the loser gets nothing in return. That is why the participants will have to try hard. Don’t let anyone take advantage of the loophole and send you back to the dust. Instead, stand up and assert your will to survive like solid trees. Bringing yourself to the unexpected from your ability.

After the success of the PC version, KRAFTON combined with Tencent and created the mobile version. It has all the essential features that are optimized for this platform. Help players get acquainted quickly and choose the right actions themselves. The quality of the 3D environment and sound will be top-notch. Ready to beat all opponents from other developers in a comprehensive way. However, you will need powerful equipment to meet the game’s requirements. Make it work for your hours of play.

PUBG Mobile mod

Download PUBG Mobile mod – Survive and win glory

The rules of PUBG Mobile are similar to what we saw in the first part of it. There will be a large map created for this war. There will be several players, from 50 to 100 people, depending on the paired capacity. You can choose between playing solo or creating a team with others. All will be on a plane that moves through the island and determines a skydiving location. After landing, it is necessary to find all the required things quickly, most importantly, weapons and ammo to defend against all other rival players. When only a single individual or team exists, rewards will be awarded promptly.

PUBG Mobile mod apk

Rich resources

The map of the game will be divided into many different large areas. In each region, there will be a lot of randomly distributed items to use. These necessities will include weapons, ammo, and anti-damage equipment. . There are also potions and other large healing items. Players can choose regions with better weapons and equipment but with higher risk. It is also possible to select areas with less competition to survive even longer. You can do whatever it takes to get yourself to higher positions and eliminate most opponents. The equipment will effectively support you in achieving your goals.

PUBG Mobile mod free

Multiple maps

PUBG Mobile can be divided into two main maps to make it easier for people to distinguish. Those are the classic maps and the constantly updated event maps. Classic maps will have a size at the discretion of the developer. The size of the islands can hold 50 or a maximum of 100 players at the same time. The event maps will be the same as the base maps but with a few improvements. You will see their transformation and many characters added there. Both of these map types will be usable in ranked or regular mode. Play wherever you feel you can master everything.

PUBG Mobile mod android

New outfit

This is a world where you can create your character’s appearance in many ways. In addition to the basic options, we will also see many costumes appear. The rarity grades them with an appearance from ordinary to exceptional. You can be a magician, future warrior, Egyptian gladiator, or many more. Weapons are also unique things that bring many strange effects in PUBG Mobile mod.

How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Auto headshot/ESP/No recoil) for Android


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