OVER THE GEARS MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode) 3.0.0

Updated 19/05/2023 (1 year ago)
Publisher(주)레버헤드 labirhead
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode
SupportAndroid 9+
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Fight for a safe future for all in the world in the game OVER THE GEARS. An accident turned everyone into machines engulfed in wars. Humanity is becoming more chaotic than ever, and only one girl is left. She is the only one who can maintain her body and is forced to save the world. The iron empire leads humanity towards doom, and you must hurry up to help the girl. Hope to free humanity from the metal curse lies in the hands of you and the girl. Together with the human girl, repel the unknown virus and rebuild the world of vitality.

All humans have been infected with an unknown virus and are wholly cursed. Everyone’s bodies had turned to metal and were slowly moving towards doom. But the human world still has hope for a human girl alive. She sees a dark future in the metal empire and won’t let it happen. So she decided to begin her journey to free humanity from the shackles of domination. The girl’s fight needs a helper, and the girl has chosen you. Protect the future of the world and destroy unknown viruses to save humanity.


Download OVER THE GEARS mod – Fight against the metal empire

An unidentified virus-carrying metal has affected everyone’s body. They gradually turned into machines and constantly created a war to kill each other. And you can’t let the future of humanity sink into the iron empire. You must join a girl to fight against the mental enemies of the world. Hope might still be somewhere inside the bodies of people turned to metal. But the journey to fight against fate will not be easy, and you must be patient with the girl. Enjoy battling with machine warriors and bringing the world back to humans.


Warrior force

You have joined a girl on a journey to find hope in the iron empire. People have been turned to metal, and you must awaken your mind to return them to their human form. So you will have to form a force of warriors to be able to fight the iron empire. Awakened humans will join your warrior team and aid the battle. The more mental people you free, the stronger your warrior force will be. And for every metal person that awakens, the minion you control will increase by one. Control human warriors against an iron empire that threatens world peace.


Power upgrading

The warrior force you create is only human with weak fighting ability. You have also just awakened them and have not yet fully returned to human life. Moreover, the enemies that you and your party have to face are strong metal warriors. So it would be best to upgrade your human warrior force to fight. They can become strong and brave against the enemy’s steel warriors if they have weapons. And human warriors can even fight more flexibly than the enemy. Power up your human warriors so you can stand up to the metal empire.


Save the world

The scourge of the metal virus has affected everyone and turned them into steel warriors. They have become enemy forces and appear everywhere to stop you. So it would be best to use your human power to awaken them. You are a supreme commander, and all your rescue orders will be carried out instantly. However, the journey of awakening humans from the form of iron warriors will not be completed quickly. The combat must be done step by step, and don’t let the metal boss gain the upper hand. Master the combat abilities of human warriors and join them in freeing the world.


You are required to join the war to save humanity from the evil that appears. The metal virus entered the human body and turned them all into iron warriors. And your mission when the world is in trouble is to rescue as many people as possible. The people you awaken with will become the force for you to continue to save the world. It would be best if you also upgraded the warriors’ strength so they can restrain the steel warrior. Rescuing people from the metal curse will be difficult, and you must persevere. Download OVER THE GEARS mod to win the quest to break the metal curse of the virus.

How to Download & Install OVER THE GEARS MOD APK (Menu, Damage multipliers/Defense multipliers/God mode) for Android


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