Material Shifter MOD APK (Menu/Instant Win) 0.2.3

Updated 16/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameMaterial Shifter APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Instant Win
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Material Shifter

Which afternoon wind is in that direction is a reasonable sentence for those who love the Material Shifter game. That can be explained by the flexibility in the gameplay and taking advantage of the players’ opportunities. Logically transform between the character’s shape so that you can reach the finish line. Obstacles are placed everywhere to test the ability to handle the situation. Those who learn to think quickly and master the various types of in-game machines quickly experience lasting satisfaction in achievement. But remember not to touch anything that protrudes from flat surfaces. If you don’t believe you can try and get a free ticket to the replay slot.

This entertainment genre is not new in the market, but there has been no innovation for a long time. Everyone seems tired of the scene of just passing the obstacles in a tasteless way and without a clear destination. That makes all the players become puppets and feel like they are being controlled to be forced to play the game to kill time. But here, it will be completely different when you are the one to control everything based on the fundamental laws of physics and apply them here. You will no longer feel forced to play; you will feel like playing.

Material Shifter mod min

Download Material Shifter mod apk – Multi-state people with male work to find an antidote for themselves

There are three forms in nature: solid, liquid, and gas. They are changed based on the external influences of the environment. Each state will have its optimizations in human applications. Applications based on these concepts have been widely applied in many fields with countless successes. Modern human technologies make these transitions childish and can be done in the blink of an eye without external conditions. But in the past, it was more challenging to control this state than now, and what if one used an evil path to do this?

Material Shifter mod apk min

Scary curse of the gods

You are an extremely talented blacksmith and have a heart for the craft. One day the king gave you to forge many things, including swords, arrows, shields, and armor, to prepare for the coming war. But generating large quantities of metal quickly makes it impossible to complete the work progress. Therefore, you have asked the help of the gods to have the ability to control the state of matter at will. But because the king’s war was a conquest and killed many people, the gods were furious. They send legions of hell down to destroy the king in his kingdom, and you are turned into a cursed entity.

Material Shifter free min

Accept your fate

You are transformed into an extraordinary being and can switch between states of matter. But because you are too scared and cannot control your ability, you will first panic and fall into despair. The intention to end your life often pops up in your head, but after many deaths, you are resurrected by the gods who want you to atone. Immortal, but all the pain you can feel makes this torment even more terrifying than death. But then you have learned to accept the truth and gradually get used to this miraculous power. Because you pass enough barriers, you will find freedom for yourself.

Material Shifter mod free min

Light and sturdy

The balloon state will have airflows inside a body made of balloons to help you soar. The metallic state will cause the molecules to become denser and turn you into a statue with considerable weight. These are the two most featured functions and will appear thick because they can handle almost any situation. Get used to them and get through the initial easy hurdles. The impact of the surrounding environment will also cause a light object like a ball to change its trajectory; sometimes, it will put you to death.

Material Shifter mod apk free min

Representing the liquid body and the sky

At higher levels, all obstacles become unusual and unpredictable. The other two shapes are insufficient for survival in this environment. The slime form is mysterious; discover it when the required level is reached. You will turn into an utterly gaseous form at some point when it’s stormy, and there are light rains. Rescue yourself from punishment with the Material Shifter mod apk.

How to Download & Install Material Shifter MOD APK (Menu/Instant Win) for Android


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