Unruly Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked maps, keys) 1.2

Updated 01/12/2023 (7 months ago)
NameUnruly Heroes APK
PublisherPerfect Game Speed
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked maps, keys
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Unruly Heroes

Demons and monsters are creatures that specialize in harming people. They are stellar monsters with powerful magic. Need brave heroes to stand up and destroy them. Give them a life lesson and can no longer harass the people. Heroes are born with extraordinary abilities, limitless potential. If you are a hero epic lover then join Unruly Heroes. Enter the journey of thousands of miles away of heroes. FantasyHeroes, Arrow Go, although not built from the characters in the movie, is worth a try.

The legendary film Journey to the West that all generations old and young love has been recreated. Bringing a much cooler fighting style than the original. Unruly Heroes will be a breakthrough for the revival of Journey to the West. The characters in the game are shaped more to serve gamers. The bright and powerful palm forces are elaborately and meticulously made. Giving you another perspective on the magical world of Journey to the West. A more cruel world with people who do not fear heaven and earth. Making fans and fighting game lovers standstill. Bringing you into the most unique and engaging gaming hours.

Unruly Heroes download

Download Unruly Heroes mod – Let’s go to distant Tay Thien to ask for scriptures

In order to attain enlightenment and become a Buddha, the four teachers and students had to set out to ask for sutras. The journey to the remote Tay Thien was extremely arduous and dangerous. These teachers and students are all special people, possessing unimaginable power. Tang Tang with the power of the Shaolin Temple of Buddhism with extremely strong attacks. Sun Wukong with 72 magical spells can transform unpredictably, using powerful spells in battle. If you are fat or lazy to eat, you will be able to defeat hundreds of monsters alone. Finally, Satan was originally a monster that was acquired by Tang Tang, with many extraordinary abilities.

Unruly Heroes mod apk

Various types of youkai

During the journey of the four teachers and students, youkai constantly appeared. They come from different places, take on different shapes and spells. Their territory once set foot, is difficult to return. Causing people in the area to be extremely worried and scared. Every day they kidnap children or women to eat meat and cultivate their power. Let’s eliminate evil, help people who are suffering and suffering. Challenge this powerful youkai, defeat them to bring peace to the lands. Experiencing 81 tribulations with these cruel youkai. Kill them all and get the title of a monster exterminator.

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Using martial arts

Each character has their own unique martial arts. These martial arts are the skills of the character in combat. Use these skills to defeat the enemies in front of you. These skills can be combined into combos to destroy youkai. These combos will have greater damage and easily knock enemies away. Combine other skills such as air attack to make the attacks more beautiful. Dodge your opponent’s moves so they can’t reach you. Put your creativity into fancy fighting styles. Create the most effective ways to conquer the path full of youkai.

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Collect loot

Every time you overcome challenges or fierce levels, you will receive rewards. That reward is the fragments of the longitude pin. Collect the broken sutras to form the most complete canon. Creates a source of earth-shaking power that can revive all things. shards of these true sutras will be able to drop from large youkai. Hidden in the tunnels with deadly traps waiting. Those who don’t have enough courage and strength won’t be able to get them. Only the strongest heroes with buddha’s mind in them can get it. Collect enough and discover the power of this sutra.

Unruly Heroes mod apk free

Adventure with friends

This adventure has enough room for up to 3 of your best friends. Invite them in and transform into these powerful characters and embark on the journey right away. Work together to overcome the most dangerous terrains with deep abysses. Traps strewed the path just waiting for you to rush into it and take your life. Fight together with huge monsters with earth-shaking power that can destroy you in one blow. Join your friends to conquer difficult challenges and receive worthy rewards. Come to Unruly Heroes mod and join the four teachers and students on the road to eliminating evil. Bring back the intact scriptures to balance the world.

How to Download & Install Unruly Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked maps, keys) for Android


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