Nordeste Truck MOD APK 23 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 14/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameNordeste Truck APK
PublisherStyle Games Brasil
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Nordeste Truck is a heavily developed Brazilian truck driver simulation game. You can make money driving trucks on the road and selling your goods. Become a rich boss while operating a famous transportation company. Drive in a 3D setting set in Brazil and feature maps of the relevant regions. The truck has a lifelike structure with large and long structures. Your fleet of trucks is located in a relative parking lot. Earn more money from trading, or even trade cars to get more money to expand your garage. There are many vacant seats, players can invest more in vehicles and put them into operation.

The road in the map is simulated quite realistically, bringing a realistic experience to each emotion. You control the car in the first person perspective. First, you check the car’s surroundings to see if there are problems or damage that can be seen with the naked eye. Then move into the car, sit in front of the steering wheel and drive the car. Move the vehicle to the position of the reflective green circle, above which is a picture of a truck. This is when you choose the container you want to ship. The different value of each order means that handling and shipping them also feels different.

Nordeste Truck mod

Download Nordeste Truck mod – Control cargo trucks throughout Brazil

To look at the surrounding areas, players just need to move their hands on the screen or touch the places you want to see. And after sitting in front of the steering wheel, there are operations in the form of light white simulations. The row of control buttons below includes green turn signals, headlights, keys, and horns. And in the left corner is the position of the steering wheel. The right side includes the gearshift lever, throttle, and brake, full of operations like a real car. When the player wants to get in the car or step out, they can click on the image of a camera in the upper left corner. Next to it is a picture of a person wearing a green shirt tracking the driver personally.

Nordeste Truck mod apk


The main job of the transport company is to receive orders from the tenant and deliver it to the recipient. Depending on the number of products or the size of the order, you can earn different amounts. Colorful containers from companies such as white, red, blue, etc. Inside, there are various goods to bring value to this container. . Or the boxes are stacked on top of each other; the more orders, the heavier or more valuable the goods, and the higher the order price. When carrying goods, players need to drive carefully when entering bends or ledges.

Nordeste Truck apk

Realistic simulation

In addition, the driving manipulations are made like the real thing. Then the features on the road or around are simulated as in real life. On the way, there were other cars also moving. Players need to avoid these cars to avoid colliding with each other. On the road, there are also shock absorbers; players need to slow down to avoid being jerked up. Cross the long bridges and be sure to cross the wide river. Through dense forests or vast farms. While walking along the way, see interesting landscapes to increase the enjoyment. When you get to the place where you need to deliver the goods, you can return the goods and receive the money.

Nordeste Truck apk free

Change truck

When you have a lot of money, expand the supply of factories, invest in more trucks. Each car has a different strong and weak engine system. In addition, the appearance design is also different to avoid boredom when driving a car forever. The trucks are of different brands. The front of the car is blue and red, and it can be high or medium. Or genuine tractors designed in a classic style. Change the car in your garage, and slide your hand to the side. Or you can click the arrow button next to the car to change the car. Inside there are also repair tools and spare parts for the car.

Nordeste Truck android

The game rhythm is slow and seamless. When passing through gas stations or gas stations. Players also need to stop and follow. Imagine that you are officially engaged in driving a real car. Experience controlling, changing, and moving goods like a real driver. Updating and improving the car’s engines such as engines, radiators, and gearboxes,… The sound and effects of the car are also quite interesting, from the horn inertia… These can be experiences. New for those who have never driven a car and those new to drive. Download Nordeste Truck mod to control trucks transporting goods on roads across Brazil.

Download Nordeste Truck MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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