Mystery of the Murderous Dreams MOD APK (Free Premium choices) 3.1.11

Updated 17/10/2023 (6 months ago)
NameMystery of the Murderous Dreams APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Mystery of the Murderous Dreams

Supernatural phenomena are always mysterious topics to be solved. The curse has been passed down from generation to generation without a solution. Human beings have to deal with things that they cannot explain. These things always excite those who are passionate about spirituality and the devil. Satisfy the feeling of being immersed in extreme fear. Along download Mystery of the Murderous Dreams to discover the creepy things that exist in this world. Perhaps this type of gameplay is of interest, there are many other games similar to Supernatural Sweethearts, My Kemono Girlfriend.

Too disgusted with the current life with so many sad things, you decide to return to your home. On the way home, you encounter a scary dream. A curse in an abandoned mansion for a long time has not been answered. Let’s reveal the secrets behind this curse. This is definitely a game for those who love horror stories. With eye-catching Japanese anime-style graphics. Girls with extremely sexy and seductive poses will chat with you. Experience a story by immersing yourself in it. Become the protagonist of a horror movie that you just can’t resist.

Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod download

Download Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod – Solve the mysterious curse

Entering a simple life in Mystery of the Murderous Dreams you will be a male lead. Your goal is to solve the mysterious curse of the abandoned mansion. Meet girls who hold important information about it. Thereby chatting and making friends with them reveal the secret together. Decode the terrifying dream you experienced when you got home. You will just need to interact with the story by choosing the answers. These responses will help the other person know what you are trying to say. Very suitable for players who are passionate about games without complicated controls. A game that makes you really scared with its horror.

Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod apk

Make friends with girls

This is what lonely people want every day. There will be beautiful and cute girls appearing in this story in multiple roles. They have different human characteristics. Each of them will be a link to the mysteries you are searching for. Try to protect them from the death bus curse you often encounter. Don’t let these cute girls fall into unnecessary dangers. Create a strong bond with them and you could even be an exemplary boyfriend. Thereby understanding the psychology of these girls along with their preferences. Make them fall in love with your super cool personality.

Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod android

Romantic love story

It would be great to combine horror with a bit of romance here. The complicated relationships between you and these girls will make the story interesting. A myriad of unanticipated situations can lead to lots of romantic action. After the conversation with the girl, two people may develop feelings. You can choose between kissing her or doing nothing. You can develop an emotional relationship with the girl you like. Open a story with your own hand leading it down a certain path. With beautiful people appearing around you regularly, it’s wonderful. One thing that in practice is hard to find.

Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod free

The curse of death

You dream that you are on a bus ride with a gloomy atmosphere. The people in the car had a huge death mark on their backs. When the bus stopped all these people collapsed and choked. You wake up with a start and think this is just a dream but not at all. There was a news on the news about a boy being brutally killed in the school. That boy is the one on the bus of your dreams. You know there is a legend about a cursed mansion near where you live. Those who go there have to pay a very high price for daring to trespass. They will be cursed to death by the spirit of a woman.

Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod apk free

Revealing the secret

The mysteries of the mansion will be unraveled when it comes to the end of the story. However, it will also be affected more or less according to your choices in the story. In other words, it is your hand that determines the end of this story. The key decisions you make along the way in which you build relationships with girls. You will be a human being that lives your way. The author has let you choose a path for yourself without any interference. There will be countless happy or unhappy ending depending on your way of thinking. Download Mystery of the Murderous Dreams mod to join in the journey of mystery discovery right away.

How to Download & Install Mystery of the Murderous Dreams MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android


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