Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK 1.3.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameUltimate Truck Simulator APK
PublisherSir Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Simulation games are now not too strange when they are always widely known. Part of it is due to gamers’ curiosity and want to try something new. For example, driving a truck, surely the game that comes to mind is Ultimate Truck Simulator. This game even lets you control more than one truck. Not only driving and racing on the road, as usual, there are also many cool things for you to do with your own car. Now let’s go in and drive without a license.

Unless you are a person who has never learned about any simulation game, it should not be too surprising. Ultimate Truck Simulator is simply a truck driving simulation game. At first glance and hearing, you might think that it is an effortless thing. I will show you that it takes a while to get used to them before driving them on wide roads. Let’s go in from the very first fundamental things about a truck.

Ultimate Truck Simulator mod

Download Ultimate Truck Simulator mod – Control the giant truck skillfully

Ultimate Truck Simulator not only lets you own one truck but also many with completely different power and speed. Grab the one you like best, then travel comfortably in any city of your choice. With a control mechanism that is not much different from racing games. You will still have 2 direction adjustment buttons, a gas button, and a separate brake button. Even the horn and lever can promote its real effect. Everything you use affects what appears to be the real world. Radio, headlights, meters are not lacking because this is a simulation game.

After each mission through running around in the city, you are entitled to a certain amount of money. Quite important in buying a new car, upgrading and decorating your car. Trust me because many quests can be on a crazy level that you won’t be able to think of. Anyway, do them in the most fun and entertaining way. Get the rewards while understanding the feeling of being a giant truck driver.

Ultimate Truck Simulator mod apk

Refurbish your truck

First, you need to create your own truck. This is really exciting for those who don’t like its original look. Once you don’t like it, you can completely change it to your liking. Customize every part of the car, replace it with the most advanced engines. Paint it a layer of your favorite color and texture. This is the time when your imagination is at its highest and furthest. Then why use their base state instead of building your ultimate truck. If you have already completed it, then enter the game.

Ultimate Truck Simulator mod free

World map massive scale

The open world of Ultimate Truck Silumator is also very thoughtful and meticulous. Each city and vehicle has many distinct and distinctive features. Just making a small impact is enough to bring big consequences for your car. Sounds a lot like the real world. You can run at full speed in the desert wilderness, glide in the busy city, or even wade through the dangerous highway. Any terrain will also meet your preference to go the fastest and farthest. Your passion for speed through the game will be evident here.

Ultimate Truck Simulator mod mod

Do quests in your spare time

Want to try something new instead of just driving around? If so, try the missions that Ultimate Truck Simulator has to offer. Mostly freighter duties. Diverse from giant vehicles, trees, and giant objects. Use not only trucks but also many other vehicles. From trucks, off-road vehicles, rockets… They need a large amount of money to own, but the performance they bring is unquestionable. Actively do more tasks to bring about your own profit. Then you can buy more luxury cars.

Ultimate Truck Simulator mod apk free

Up to the present time, the number of simulation games is increasing day by day, so their quality must be at the forefront. Fortunately, Ultimate Truck Simulator meets all elements from graphics, sound to create gameplay. You are free to design your truck, do the work it is supposed to do. Then enjoy the best engine sound on every road you will go. Ultimate Truck Simulator mod is one of the most successful rare simulation games.

Download Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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