Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK 0.9.01 (Menu/Defense/Attack multiplier/God mode/One hit)

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NameNightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG APK
PublisherSignature Gamez
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Defense/Attack multiplier/God mode/One hit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG is a vertical screen role-playing game for the mobile genre. Set in a gloomy world with dark, ghostly colors. With a simple design, transform into a hero against nightmares in a pitch-black world. Carrying the sharp blade on his back cut down all the nightmares lurking around. This blade allows the player to attack opponents at close range. Each nightmare, the player needs to attack with multiple slashes. Because with just one blow, there is no way to destroy these nightmares. You can also use ranged attacks.

Nightmares appear when darkness falls, and people fall into a deep sleep. It is also the time when people let their guard down the most. They have infiltrated and caused unpleasant moments for humans. That’s why it takes the appearance of a talented hero   who can dispel those troubles. At the beginning, the player is asked to choose a name for the character. Then he was taken to a pine forest with skeletons, skulls, fallen tree stumps, etc. In the form of a black hero wearing a white robe. On the head there are two black horns, white eyes stand out on the black face.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG apk free

Download Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG mod – Hero destroys all nightmares in the dark night

Coming to Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG, the game manipulation is relatively simple and easy to understand. After choosing the right equipment for the hero, the player needs to choose the necessary skills. Enter the battle, appearing nightmares in the form of black shadows flying straight at you. They are like the wind, moving very quickly and with speed. There are also white legless ghosts. The keyboard moves on the left hand corner with a green circle button. On the right, there are skill keys, attack movies and speed keys. The larger sword-shaped button is used to drop the hand. And the running figure helps to increase the character’s sudden speed.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG mod

Various equipment

Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG allows players to equip up to 6 character accessories. Includes sword, armor, helmet, necklace, shoes, and ring. In which the most important factor is the main serving sword in the game. With a variety of different models with different attack power and accuracy. Has a pointed blade surrounded by a layer of red thunder. Charcoal green blade pointed with sharp spikes in the handle. The short blade emitted a blue reflective light. Purple armor with raised shoulders. A necklace with a diamond-shaped stone also in charcoal purple, or an iron helmet that covers the head.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG apk

Skills System

The manufacturer gives the skills of the game with a system of 6 different systems. Each system contains different types of skills. Players collect skill cards to bring the most into the game. A skill that makes a slashing slash create a powerful beam of light that destroys many enemies. Fire-type, with the skill of flaming orb covered with a layer of hot fire. Or the hail skill, causing a rain of rocks to fall from the sky. In addition to hail, there was also a rain of ice, each iceberg fell sharply and pierced the enemy’s body. Or the skill to burn down a crowded enemy area, causing them to die in a sea of ​​fire.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG mod apk

Plot and Boss

This role-playing game offers a lot of maps for players to explore and experience. Each map area contains a story and different boss names. Having to destroy all the nightmares, the player can cope with the bosses behind. The blue rock beach with squishy pebbles are blue snake-shaped youkai. Behind him was a giant snake, with a white crown on his head. The deep sea area has a boss that is a gray giant squid, each of its tentacles spitting out clusters of black ink. Or the brown stump-shaped boss with a full face.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG android

After each victory, the player can receive gifts for the battle. Next to the gold coins are imprinted with skulls. There are precious purple meteorites, clusters of green experiences. Besides, there are swords, costumes, jewelry, … If you collect many of the same items, players can fuse them. After fusion, the equipment has improved stats. The higher the level, the easier it is for the player to win the difficult clash ahead. Download Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG mod to become a hero to destroy nightmares and fight evil bosses.

Download Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK (Menu/Defense/Attack multiplier/God mode/One hit) for Android

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