Elden Shell MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit) 0.9.5

Updated on 24/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameElden Shell APK
PublisherSpellSoft Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Elden Shell is a horror game about the conflicts between the Roman cavalry. The role-playing game combines clicker into the dark medieval gloomy atmosphere. Players will play the role of a legendary king, he travels to the past with the aim of finding his life-and-death ring. This ring of life and death holds the destiny of the whole mighty country. It was lost in time when an earthquake opened the gates of hell. This also led the demons from the bottom of hell to come out to prevent this king’s intentions. Back in the past, the player is only a hero, an unknown soldier, not the king of a country.

Transformation appeared under many different hero identities so that the darkness could not react. The battle takes place on the vertical screen of the mobile. Few role-playing games have a vertical screen gameplay style like this. Embark on a 1-on-1 combat adventure with enemies from the bottom of society. Because it is a one-on-one battle, players need to be flexible in whether to attack or defend. At the same time, collect a lot of gifts and items that fall after battles with monsters. They help the player level up the character. Refining weapons becomes more advanced and has stronger combat power to support combat.

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Download Elden Shell mod – Horror but tempting medieval Roman battlefield

The story takes place in the Middle Ages. This place has the appearance of castles, dungeons, and cathedrals built with solid bricks. Your enemy demons also appear in different forms through each level. They are strengthened and expanded gradually through each level. Therefore, the skill training and strengthening of your character is not to be taken lightly. Plus, try to win rare characters with hidden powers. Face them, destroy them as you destroy your inner fears. The gloomy atmosphere added to the horror of the battle.

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Thrilling story

Because he accidentally got caught up in the time vortex back to the past, back to the cursed land. The player is unaware of the strange things going on and gets wrapped up in him. Just know that there are often spirits that haunt the player. Therefore, players need to kill each demon one by one to discover their own background and past. The step-by-step adventure takes the position of majestic King that he previously held. Appears as a cavalryman wearing gray iron armor. With the helmet covering his head, you don’t know what the hero’s face looks like. Each game is equivalent to the hints that the player receives.

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Various heroes

Elden Shell opens a treasure trove of different heroes and cavalry for players. The opening is just a cavalry with gray iron armor. Different heroes will be obtained through cards or money to buy. A hero wearing blue armor. Wearing a red cape and a sword as big as a person. Or the King with golden armor. The head is crowned, and the sword is plated with a layer of iridescent gold. To add to the mystery of the characters, wear tight hats that only reveal the dark eye sockets. Fight with hordes of disgusting mutant monsters. Scary yellow thousand skulls tree stump.

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Upgrade and equip weapons

Because the costumes have been different, the types of air breasts for the character have also been changed a lot. Elden Shell offers a wealth of weapons with different stats and combat modes. The ax slashed with a long handle like a staff. A sharp sword or short sword as big as a real person. In addition, players can use magic to supplement the blows in the battle. These spells belong to systems such as fire, lightning, earth, poison, etc. Each slash carries the color of the magic system you choose. In addition, upgrading the weapons is also an important thing that you need to do. Make it a legend that can destroy all monsters.

Elden Shell mod

In addition to small souls, players also encounter powerful boss monsters. Most of these creatures in the Elden Shell are the most advanced in their system. They were the amalgamation of all the skills of the subordinate monsters. Medusas, octopus-demon hybrids or your clones in battle. There is a dark orb that causes souls to fall into a long sleep. Download Elden Shell mod travel the mysterious land cursed by the forces of darkness.

Download Elden Shell MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit) for Android

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