Fabulous MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.12

Updated 22/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameFabulous APK
PublisherGameHouse Original Stories
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Fabulous

Let the best fantasies of the fashion world come true at Fabulous. The outfits with colorful and very dynamic colors will be a paradise for fashionistas. Luxurious and gorgeous clothes need skillful hands to take on responsibility. Sewing and sewing, so the delicate artistic lines on each suit are taken care of. Become a successful fashion designer with unique models and exclusive fashion lines in this volatile market. Meet the most famous movie stars at the world-famous Hollywood film school. Travel to Los Angeles with exciting things waiting for this renowned designer.

The characters and everything are amiable for all ages, and the unique gameplay style will create a lot of sympathy for those who want to play; once you get used to it, it is difficult not to spend a lot of time in the game—exciting adventures to all the famous fashion spots in the United States. Create a place specializing in selling handmade items to collect money from consumers. Each product is rewarded with a certain amount of money when completed; the longer you do it, the less you will receive. Process the basic clothes according to the instructions as quickly as possible to earn more coins and unlock new products. Coins are the only financial source of the game that needs to be collected the most and not wasted.

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Download Fabulous mod apk – Fashion designer’s stormy story

Angela is a poor girl but always happy to have good friends from childhood to college and university. Despite her difficult family situation, she has an endless passion for fashion. With great determination to become the most famous fashion designer of all time, she risked her life to strive for a long time. Success did not disappoint her when she achieved the success many wanted. Meet some of the world’s most influential people and get your life’s love. But everything has its downside, that success has forced the woman to make difficult decisions.

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Enthusiastic seamstresses

At the beginning of this journey, you will play Angela’s tailors. This is when garment workers need to work the hardest because this start-up stage does not have too much money. Get acquainted with the sharp lines outlined on each suit; all the seams and steps have highly detailed instructions. The only thing you need to do is quickly follow the instructions to collect the coins. Stay focused and produce many quality products to serve customers because this is the story’s most essential and financially tricky stage.

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Shoppers in a hurry

Once you’ve filled your glass cabinets with the most luxurious items, it’s time to sell them to your guests. Because they are wealthy, money is not a problem for them, but their time is quite urgent because they are still busy with a lot of outside work. Each guest entering you only has a certain amount of time to pay for their chosen items. Consistency is unnecessary because shoppers will automatically select what they want. Come individually, and measure your body based on things to buy and pay for. Measuring operations is also very simple and fast to serve the specific period of this industry.

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A big step on a career path

After a period of hard work with the employees, she has paid off. With her unique designs, Angela made a big splash at New York Fashion Week. This is such a well-deserved recognition for this talented woman. Many of her new establishments were formed from then on, and her life improved significantly. When invited to design costumes for awards week by a Hollywood star, she couldn’t contain her joy and immediately accepted. A direct flight to Los Angeles was arranged for her. It seemed like another big step forward, but when it got there, problems started to happen.

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The flip side of success

The negative factors of success become more robust when she sets foot in the new city. The pressure from work and the time for herself made her feel depressed. This woman began to doubt whether her life or her chosen path was correct or a mistake. She has become her worst enemy; find out what she will do next at Fabulous mod apk.

How to Download & Install Fabulous MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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