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Updated 26/07/2023 (4 months ago)
NameSchool Days APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK School Days

School Days MOD APK is a game that helps you re-experience your high school time. You will experience what it feels like to be your class’s most popular high school kid. And to do that, you need to overcome many challenges in the educational environment. All activities at school are still going on as usual, but here you can interact with everything. Your schedule will be to wake up every morning and join a study schedule. So you will have to answer questions that cover the practical knowledge of 10 subjects. Aim to graduate from high school while being the school’s most famous student.

You will enter the new world in real-time and experience a student’s life again. You will transform into a high school student and explore this exciting world here. And the school you attend has many challenges for you to test your ability to survive. Besides, you need to develop yourself to graduate after completing your studies. So you’ll still go through your scheduled lessons and test questions. And you still have to interact with over 100 students in the hall and start the stories with them. Decide your fate as a high school student in real-time.

School Days apk

Download School Days MOD APK – Experience exciting activities at a high school

Starting school means you can rebuild your student life. And to get started, you need to wake up and attend the classes on your schedule. Those lessons will cover knowledge of more than ten subjects, and you must study hard. They are essential for you to compete against over 100 other students. Its outcome will affect whether or not you can complete your graduation goal. So it would be best not to neglect your studies while experiencing what it is like to be a student. Accomplish the things you wanted to do as a high school student and experience student life.

School Days android

Explore student life

You have restarted your studies at a high school in real-time. This place allows you to transform into a student at the school and explore learning activities. And it would be best if you relied on real-time to participate in activities at your school. You need to sleep and wake up regularly before attending classes. Besides, you also have tasks to do to become an excellent student. When completing the perfect tasks simultaneously, you will get the best results. Become a high school student and discover educational activities in School Days MOD APK.

School Days mod

Conquer knowledge of subjects

You will control yourself in the form of a student and participate in classes in the timetable. And you can explore the knowledge of the subjects to prepare for the final exam. Therefore, you must attend classes to understand the knowledge of more than ten subjects at the school. It could be a physics course, or it would be chemistry classes that belong to chemistry. No matter the knowledge difficulty, it would be best if you persevered for your graduation goal. And to graduate, you must overcome 100 other students waiting for you on the final exam. Conquer the subjects and become the best graduate of the school.

School Days mod apk

Control mechanisms

You need to complete many tasks to become a typical high school student. So it would be best to learn the control mechanism to perform free actions. There are five different buttons for you to navigate students in different activities. You can attack and aim at low or high targets using the A button. Students can grapple with the G button or run forward using the R button. Combining the T and P buttons will let you interact with props by picking or dropping them. Control the student you transform into with different buttons to let you explore the high school environment.

School Days free

You were a particular high school student built out of a prison. This place used to be a prison for prisoners but was opened as an educational school. So you will experience new types of learning times as a student. And your goal is to be an excellent student no matter what happens here. You will still interact with other students and attend full classes. And the control buttons will help you perform the operations efficiently. Download School Days MOD APK to conquer the quest to become the most typical high school student.

How to Download & Install School Days MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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