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NameMy time at Portia APK
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My time at Portia allows you to become the boss, the owner of a wealthy factory or farm. The game offers a great experience; you build your property. The same way you build a farm, build a house or harvest the items you create. In the town of Portia, you exchange and make friends with many other players to increase your attractiveness. You make talented friends, or you can find a beautiful love and romance right on your farm. Every day you design your workshop drawings a little more, gradually building up a vast fortune.

You inherit the property left by your father and continue developing and maintaining it to the best. Everyone around is working hard, you too or more than them, to become the richest man in town. In addition to just working hard, you also need to compete with enemies in battles. The battles take place fiercely, alone you clone to go against them. You receive commissions to craft and collect all kinds of different items. Players gradually uncover the abandoned ruins on the large farm, bring them back and improve them to become a valuable item. Choose wisely with the products to make your farm the most beautiful and luxurious Portia.

My time at Portia apk

Download My time at Portia – Build a prosperous fortune and make friends and interact with people

This place creates a unique position for you; you have the right to choose what is best for your farm. The items you collect are in the collection, which can be used. You can build a farm with fertile land, fresh vegetables and fruits. Or the big house, the grand mansion, the giant factory and many other things. You give yourself the areas you love, focus and invest in building it for the most perfect. In starting a business, you need help from other farmers. Together we create a rich Portia, a second home filled with love.

My time at Portia mod

Freedom to create farm

My time at Portia gives you vacant land to exploit, or you can search more yourself. You collect common to expensive items to craft for your workshop. Through each crafting, you will learn technical recipes for farming and construction. Since then, creating a large territory for itself, the farm has kept growing. An individual that develops and accumulates together will make the town gradually grow up and have a position. You can raise poultry, and livestock, produce a variety of trees and sell them to anyone who needs to buy. The primary source of income becomes more abundant than ever; with that money, you can buy new materials to enrich your workshop.

My time at Portia apk free

Communicating with people around

Making friends with others will benefit you now and in the future. My time at Portia creates an opportunity to make friends with more than 50 people in the town. If you are new, try to make friends with them, and gradually become a family with them. From familiar friends, feelings arise and progress to marital love. You absolutely can give birth, build a nest with the person you love, and try the feeling of being a parent. Events to exchange and make friends in the community are held regularly to exchange relationships. The passionate feelings for each other, the strong bond between you and you, between you and your lover.

My time at Portia android

Bravely fighting for the highest position

Initially, during My time at Portia, there were only vacant lots that needed to be rehabilitated. Your task is to find the abandoned items left by the previous generation and rework them to become new items. Build a business from simple bricks first; then, you can get rich later. The villains appear, threaten your farm, it’s close and destroys crops. You and the townspeople must stand up to protect and chase them out of this place. After each dispute, you will discover more secrets that this peaceful village is hiding. Keep fighting bravely, eliminating those who are trying to attack your business.

My time at Portia mod apk

Build yourself a house, a farm, and create a small family at home. My time at Portia recreates the dream life of many people, meeting and making friends. Your journey of discovery is still long; you enjoy living here until you find a new hobby. An unforgettable experience with the role of mastering the land, bringing what is good for you. Rich or poor forever is decided by one hand. So please make an effort to make great fortunes so that your future children and grandchildren can enjoy them. Download My time at Portia mod, and freely create and develop your farm.

Download My time at Portia APK for Android

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