Merge Planes Empire MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.4.64

Updated 19/02/2024 (7 days ago)
NameMerge Planes Empire APK
PublisherPanther & Leopard
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Planes Empire

Even as a child, everyone has a dream of traveling around the world on a plane they own. Merge Planes Empire will bring your childhood dreams into reality. Here, you are the owner of a trillion-dollar business with hundreds of planes of different designs. Then you can go to any country on the planet you want. At the beginning, an experienced pilot pops up giving basic instructions in cloud-shaped chat bubbles. He wore a brown hood and a white beard. The smiling face gives dedicated instructions for players to easily access how to play.

Starting with just a few rudimentary planes, there are also old-fashioned ones. Your task seems to be very simple, it is to control the structure and check the components of the aircraft. Above the picture is a charcoal green airfield with an elliptical flight path. The lane is made clear by a dashed white line, and the two sides mark the stop at the end of a turn. The player is given a number of gold coins with an airplane symbol. First, use it to buy the most basic planes that come in two colors red and white. On the tail and wings are written the actual number of the aircraft to help players keep track of the number. Complete the assigned tasks.

Merge Planes Empire apk free

Download Merge Planes Empire mod – Own hundreds of planes and own trillions of businesses

If the game only revolved around buying more planes, fusion, and putting on the track. This quickly gets boring for players. Therefore, Merge Planes Empire has created many new functions and modes to attract and stimulate more players. Interestingly, the game allows the player to fuse two planes to form a new engine. Looking forward to the next plane also stimulates curiosity in your heart. By combining two identical planes. The player produces a finished product completely unrelated to the old one. The new finished product will certainly have a better appearance, engine, and speed than the old version.

Merge Planes Empire android

30 aircraft models

With a treasure trove of super aircraft, the manufacturer launches the most warplane models on the market. Players can completely count on and try to get the rarest versions. Players can also use gold coins and gems to buy valuable components to equip the plane. Simple propeller plane model with red color and yellow exhaust. Moss green military aircraft with two wings like two eagle wings. Charcoal purple aircraft has a single forward propeller engine. Yellow lightning bolt symbol on wings and body. Blue bird wing simulator with two rocket launchers on both wings.

Merge Planes Empire mod

Buy a plane

The requirement of Merge Planes Empire is that there must be two identical planes to combine. Therefore, if during fusion, the player does not own two identical planes, which can be purchased in the shop. Or you want to create a more terrorist version that requires top source planes. Prepare a lot of money and precious purple diamonds. Enter the store and choose a good plane, fast speed, and money earned after running a huge lap. After the order was placed, a propeller-driven cargo plane flew in with a large crate. There is an airplane icon on the outside, opening is the plane you bought.

Merge Planes Empire apk

Airport expansion

Because each plane in Merge Planes Empire will be parked in a certain location and square. The opening is poor, with only four seats for players to park their planes. After getting rich and having more new planes, the player needs to have more parking space for the planes in the turn to put them on the flight path. Click on the purple square and the plus sign above it. Provide the required amount of coins and gems. Just like that, it opens up a lot of locations and makes your garage a giant airplane port. Earn a lot of money and material to turn your business into the most famous business in the region.

Merge Planes Empire mod apk

Merge Planes Empire also provides support keys that get the most benefit. For example, the speed x2 key has the shape of a red vase. Click this speed key, the planes running in this flight path will x2 speed within 3 minutes. In addition, there is also a showrom with a red airplane icon. Click here to keep track of the planes you own and the ones you’re missing. After boarding the plane at a new level, the player is rewarded with valuable items. Download Merge Planes Empire mod owning a trillion-dollar aircraft business.

How to Download & Install Merge Planes Empire MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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