Brain Test MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 2.749.0

Updated 06/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameBrain Test APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Brain Test

You are a fan of intellectual games such as sudoku, word puzzle, word search, puzzle… then don’t miss this Brain Test MOD APK (Unlimited hints)! This is an extremely attractive puzzle game. A game that can be addictive for you right from the very first levels. Brain Test brings together a huge collection of tips and humor puzzles. Never before has your brain been able to work properly and cope with challenges as much as the Brain Test. So prepare yourself a good mind to pass the levels of the game and check how much your IQ is.

Brain Test APK mod opens up a vast world of entertainment. Where everyone in the world loves this game. The game is like a bridge connecting people together. Imagine what could be better than when you and your group of best friends or family could sit back and play Brain Test. Together with solving the puzzles with delightful laughter from everyone. Not only that, but the Brain Test also brings many benefits that you did not expect. One of them is the brain’s ability to create a steady exercise. At the same time, the game also helps you to have a rich imagination. Not only knowledge quizzes, but there are also many other types of gameplay. Try Human: Fall Flat, Pull Him Out.

Brain Test mod

Download Brain Test mod – Test IQ through brain-twisting puzzles

Brain Test APK 2.749.0 is one of the hot trend games on the current game charts. The game will bring us a lot of brain-hacking questions. Most of these puzzles are questions in an illogical fashion. They also do not follow a rule at all. The game has nearly 300 levels for you to explore. These are all questions arranged in order from easy to difficult. Although the gameplay of the game does not have many special features, the content is extremely attractive. You will not be able to imagine how interesting the puzzles are without participating in the game. The questions will have answers that will surprise you!

Brain Test mod free

Tips quizzes

When entering each level, you will be presented with a question. With the aim of helping you to understand the question more clearly, the game has illustrations below each question. You will have to go through that hint image to answer the question. If you’ve ever played Brain Out game, Brain Test MOD APK also has quite similar gameplay. However, in the Brain Test, you just need to interact with the drawing to give the answer. For example, the question “Can I turn on the TV?” At this time, the picture appeared to be a television, a power supply, and a broken wire. You just need to use your finger to pull two strings at the same time to connect them together. So the question is completed.

Brain Test mod download

Use help

For brain teasers like Brain Test, help is essential. You will not be able to pass nearly 300 puzzles without any help. Wanting to use the help you will be based on the number of bulbs that the game gives you from the beginning. The game offers you a variety of help. First to mention is the magnifying glass. A magnifying glass helps you figure out how to answer that question. Next is the double arrow icon. If you find this question too difficult, you can use it directly to another table. Also, you can watch the video clip or open the gift boxes to get more help.

Brain Test mod android

Train your mind

Brain Test is a game very suitable for you to train your mind. The puzzles include many interesting pictures. The praise that the game gives after you have won a certain level will bring joy to the player. The game also gives players many new things. At the same time, it also helps people reduce daily stress and fatigue. Especially Brain Test will help your brain to think more creatively. From the many interesting answers, the game helps you to break common insights in life. The game requires care and patience. Applying flexible thinking skills and observation skills to quickly pass the level.

Brain Test mod apk

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How to Download & Install Brain Test MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android


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