The Idle Forces MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.25.1

Updated 17/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameThe Idle Forces APK
PublisherHot Siberians
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK The Idle Forces

Become the leader of the tycoon army and maintain world order in The Idle Forces. You will enter an extraordinary military world and begin your rookie journey. Your role among the troops is to be in command, but that’s just the beginning. You still do not know your army force and need time to grasp everything. Your task is not only to train the soldiers under your hand to become loyal. When coming to this world, your noble mission is to preserve the nation’s peace. Become an army trainer to fight with the most potent tycoon military force.

You have become a commander of the military army of a powerful country. The orders of your superiors require you to train your army well and be ready. Any situation can happen, and even a strong government is in danger of collapse. So your existence is to prepare your army for the worst-case scenario. And as a commander, you have to train them, but you also have to create a reputation. The quests will allow you to understand your army better and the mission to perform. Accept orders from your superiors and start your career as a military trainer.

The Idle Forces android

Download The Idle Forces mod – Become a tycoon holding military forces

A military base with talented soldiers has received orders under your command. They are all the best soldiers selected to keep the great power safe. Your job as a military trainer is to train the best special forces. They will grow from rookies in the army and become strong. But the first thing is still your management, and you are the one who holds the decisive role. Only the strictest disciplines can create an army of tycoons with powerful abilities. Explore the part of the army leader and become the ruler of a nation’s forces.

The Idle Forces apk

Military career

A talented military commander always trains the most robust soldiers manner. And you can become such a person when ordered to hold an army of tycoons. But your military career is also just beginning in the army world. Everyone wants to see the results, and you must prove your military talent. It would be best if you also started training your recruits in the troop farms. Soldier training buildings have been built, and you must train your troops quickly. Start your military career and train a mighty army of soldiers for the powerhouse.

The Idle Forces free

Base development

A military career has begun, and you must focus on a base development career. You will have to go to continuous training camps and test the capabilities of the tycoon soldiers. But you can also profit from your strong army training career. Invest in the progress earned in your military career to expand the base. The more your training area is developed, the more soldiers you train will increase. The speed at which your soldiers train in the military zone will also improve performance. Develop your military training zone by training soldiers and developing an army base.

The Idle Forces mod

Complete mission

Your most basic task as a military commander is to train soldiers. But you also have other duties towards your army while in training. Physical training missions need to be enhanced to make your soldiers stronger. And your workout will also be supervised by the leader, and you will stay focused on the task. But the test after a fixed time also needs to be done to check the training task. The more missions your soldiers complete, the more powerful they become. Whether your army is strong or not depends on your training program.

The Idle Forces mod apk

Your role in the world of military forces is as a military commander. And the army you command is predicted to become the backbone of a mighty power. But that is also the future, and your military career will prove it. You will begin the mission of training soldiers in the training buildings and base areas. The money you earn from training missions will also help you to deploy your army. Your task is not only to train the military but also to protect the power from the enemies. Download The Idle Forces mod to take over the tycoon military force and become a talented leader.

How to Download & Install The Idle Forces MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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