My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameMy Talking Angela 2 APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Unlimited money

Take on the role of a perfect pet sitter in the game My Talking Angela 2. Discover the tenderness that comes from a cute cat right in your room. Create a new life for the cat in a city different from the old one. Take care of the cat like you are taking care of yourself in the activities at the control panel. Make up your cat comfortably and create your kitten look. Keep this cute cat entertained with mind-solving games. Raise kittens from the kitchen full of food stored in the refrigerator and supermarket.

Meet the adorable kitten in the game and proceed to take care of your pet cat. A kitten’s hyperactivity will show as you grow closer to it. You will see the adorable emotions on the cat’s face by interacting. Kittens are also very smart as they can tell you their current status. Based on how the kitten signals, respond to needs such as snacking, going to bed, or toileting. Make Angela’s life as well as yours interesting and make it more colorful. Become a friend of the cat and level it up by taking an interest in her life.

My Talking Angela 2 mod

Download My Talking Angela 2 mod – Make friends with the lovely cat

Raise you a lovely cat named Angela and play with her day after day. Play with your cat and discover the variety of life between you and your pet. Buy her treats and gifts for your feline friend from the in-game shops. Train her in ballrooms and learn soft dances. Take care of Angela to see her go from a kitten to a cute and cuddly cat. You will gradually reveal Angela’s talents, and you can explore her interests. Find your sense of closeness with animals and find your joy.

My Talking Angela 2 mod apk

Kitten’s life

Every action you interact with your cat will occur in four main room types. Those rooms can be decorated with different collections to create the most comfortable space. She will bring laughter with the way she performs funny imitations. For example, you can teach your cat to bake cakes, sing songs or go for a walk with the clothes you buy. Besides, you can also put your cat in games dedicated to her to be entertained. Your cat can also travel the world with the airline tickets received. Take Angela to explore each land and introduce your kitten to the world.

My Talking Angela 2 android

Nurturing kittens

You have to take care of your kitten every day. Your cat needs to eat, brush and sleep like an average human like you. Angela will always be happy to ask you to care for them and make them more beautiful. Help your kitten grow to its full potential by feeding it when it’s hungry and giving it what your cat wants. Pet the cat and bring her delicious food because she loves them so much. Immerse yourself in the cat’s love or hate depending on how you treat her. Nurture your little kitten and become her best friend in the game.

My Talking Angela 2 free

Beautiful cat

You can change how Angela the cat appears in front of you by dressing her up. What the cat enjoys the most is becoming more beautiful with the help of care. Draw her eyeliner and paint her lips with her favorite vibrant lipsticks. Coat the adorable cat’s face with a soft layer to match her coat color. Discover the cat’s beauty under the costumes in the closet and in the store. You can also try out items for your cat first before deciding whether to buy her or not. Each cat’s clothes will have a different color, and please take care of her carefully.

My Talking Angela 2 apk

You will comfortably care for your cat every day like a real-life pet. Please get to know her personality through her activities and how the cat reacts to you. Help Angela relax after tiring periods and rest after games. When she feels hungry, she buys her favorite food from the store. Wash her clean and help her brush her teeth before going to sleep. Make your cat’s life happier with daily care. Download My Talking Angela 2 mod to take care of yourself, a cat, and introduce her to everyone to play.

Download My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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