Mount and Magic MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Free purchase) 1.3.4

Updated 16/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameMount and Magic APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, Free purchase
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Mount and Magic MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Free In-App Purchase
3. God Mode ( On/Off before enter stage for best effect )

Note: The game might not work well on Android Emulator.

Introduce MOD APK Mount and Magic

A role-playing game with a simple but unique graphic style has attracted many players called Mount and Magic. Players are transported to a fantasy land with the existence of mysteries. There are magicians, magic, and mighty monsters. There is a rumor that this place also exists in a group of souls called Unhead. Besides that, there are ghosts and undead roaming the wild land. Especially these souls have very valuable golden skulls. All mages, archers, knights, or even plain farmers wanted to take them.

It is the existence of these skulls that turns a gloomy land into a vibrant place. All the people in need in the world come here. They have many types of zombies and undead attacking you. There are green minis that are quite small and have a hard-to-see design. Or zombies with gray skulls. There are also zombies wearing armor suits; you need to shoot that armor first. After you have destroyed the enemy’s armor, you can approach and destroy them. Interspersed with these are those with the shape of a yellow skull. It is the object that makes money and gives you more experience.

Mount and Magic mod apk

Download Mount and Magic mod – Join the wave of killing golden skull zombies to earn lots of money

As mentioned before, the gameplay is quite simple in Mount and Magic. The player plays one of the characters, such as knights, warriors, or farmers, … Then, holding a gun, shoots out sparks, electric sparks, long lightning bolts. These guns fire continuously, so your job is to move the character around the land. Move so that these fire and electric arrows shoot into areas crowded with the undead. Avoid allowing them to approach and approach you. If it is too crowded, the player can completely drown and lose. At the end of the battle, there is a warning message that is when most zombies land in the process.

Mount and Magic apk free

Many objects

Everyone wants to have golden skulls in their hands to turn them into money and wealth. That’s why there are so many characters involved. Mount and Magic offers a treasure trove for you to choose from. Brown haired warrior with purple clothes. The handle of the mirror rod and the shield was of stiff metal. Archer with beard and face with modern style. Magician with a mysterious red cloak. Defend the city with a trendy red head. Wearing armor like the old generals. In his hand, he also held a bright and sharp sword. There are characters who simply change into different clothes and hair colors.

Mount and Magic mod

Lucky Circle

Mount and Magic offers an interesting perk called the lucky circle. To get here, players need to collect spins scattered on the battlefield. Then use them at times of winning wars. Called the wheel, but these are nine different cards. On the card is written the number of different gold coins. When the spin button is clicked, there is a glowing circle that runs through these cards one after another. Where it stops, the player’s reward will be added to the amount of gold received. Sometimes clicking on the card x2 number of gold coins. Players can earn double in a game with just the wheel of fortune.

Mount and Magic android

Gift Chest

Besides collecting the blue hexagonal diamonds. Players can collect more gift chests that appear on the battlefield. There are many gift chests of value, from small to large. Small chests and little gift cards in the shape of old wooden crates. There are fresh and carved chests decorated with many gems on the outside. It is the manifestation of a treasure with many different cards. The cards in the field are collected and arranged in a certain order above the screen. After finishing the game screen, you can use them to upgrade weapons, heroes, and equipment to upgrade.

Mount and Magic apk

After being upgraded character, not only strength increased, and the character’s appearance is also leveled up to a new value. There are characters riding on steeds. Termites that walk and run give off white star-shaped fireworks. Or heroes surrounded by golden light circles of power. Every time they kill the undead, they create explosions with green smoke. Download Mount and Magic slay the zombies and collect valuable golden skulls.

How to Download & Install Mount and Magic MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Free purchase) for Android


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