Infinity Chase MOD APK (Menu/Kill All Enemies) 0.0.22

Updated 28/09/2023 (5 months ago)
NameInfinity Chase APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Kill All Enemies
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Infinity Chase

Infinity Chase MOD APK brings extremely fierce and thrilling chases. We will upgrade a particular combat vehicle with everything possible. From there, he fled from the pursuit of forces that threatened his life. Protect yourself from the dangers that lie ahead. We will survive and destroy all those who threaten us. Along with that is upgrading yourself optimally to fight better. They are not afraid of any threat or challenge. As long as you have a goal in front of you, everything will be easy. Accompany your powerful car to go to the future.

Infinity Chase belongs to the combat driving genre, which is relatively new and exciting. It will retain the unique characteristics of racing but incorporate newness. Adding a combat function will push you to the ultimate limit. We will fight so we can receive our rewards. At the same time, improve your skills and way of thinking. Thanks to that, realizing all the most significant potential is possible. Satisfy your desire to conquer and achieve newer heights. Nothing can stop us from doing our duty. Destroy everything with your best driving skills and show everyone your talent.

Infinity Chase mod free

Download Infinity Chase mod apk – Participate in spectacular chases.

You are a warrior being hunted by government special forces. They want to find you to destroy you and get the reward. But this will not be easy because we have separate fighting tools. That is a solid and probustarmored vehicle. It will help you overcome all the most dangerous terrains. It allows us to run away quickly from pursuit and get to a safe place. Furthermore, it has good weapons so that you can use it anytime. Run and fight in the most dangerous terrain. Along with that, try to preserve your life.

Recruit warriors

A strong warrior in Infinity Chase mod apk will give you many advantages. The higher their stats, the more chances you have of winning. We can distinguish their strength threshold through the number of stars in the information. People with more stars have more significant potential. Along with that, their stats will also improve with each upgrade. You can summon new warriors in the lucky spin at the store. We can also upgrade our favorite warrior with existing resources. Accompany these people on the dangerous but exciting escape route.

Infinity Chase mod apk

Upgrade your car

Our car is a tool used to escape—the more influential the car, the more valuable stats it will give you. We can upgrade the car just like we upgrade our character. You can strengthen the outer armor to protect against bullets. This makes the vehicle more difficult to take down through destructive attacks from special forces. Upgrading your vehicle’s machine gun allows you to increase damage to any enemy you shoot at. Next is to increase the vehicle’s running speed to help you reach the finish line more quickly. We use everything we can with our resources to go the extra mile and optimize our trips.

Infinity Chase mod

Overcome dangers

The rugged terrain will make attacks much scarier. You have to drive and control your firepower to destroy the enemy. This will cause many difficulties when we constantly encounter obstacles. Overcome steep slopes and maintain maximum balance. Avoid falling into traps that have been set up on the road. Help vehicles and people safely escape from raids. You will be ready to win higher-value rewards. Increase difficulty and challenge yourself on every map. Thereby, it is possible to understand and improve sensitivity in complex situations.

Infinity Chase mod android

It is also necessary to mention the valuable rewards the game provides us. You will receive a lot of bonuses after completing a certain level. Daily attendance will also give us a stable source of income. There are also treasure chests that are rewarded when we achieve a particular achievement. It helps you have an abundant resource to upgrade your car to better quality with Infinity Chase mod apk.

How to Download & Install Infinity Chase MOD APK (Menu/Kill All Enemies) for Android


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