Mining Heroes MOD APK 1.1.0 (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier)

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NameMining Heroes APK
PublisherBilliard Ball Game
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 9+
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Solve powerball puzzles and battle monsters in Mining Heroes. Energy spheres suddenly appeared on earth and promoted development here. The earth’s golden age has been ushered in, and technological development has advanced like never before. The spheres have helped humanity gain new energy to replenish the energy that is about to run out. But they also brought monsters eager to take possession of their energy spheres. Their intrusion is a great alarm to the established peace of the earth. Set up a team to protect the world against the invasion of strange monsters and build the world from energy spheres.

Humans have studied the energy spheres that appear and have figured out how to use them. The energy contained in each sphere can promote human development upward. An evolutionary threshold awaits humanity thanks to the pure energy in the spheres. But that can slow down because of the intrusion of some destructive creatures. They also discover the importance of energy and want to take over the earth. A mission to protect the energy source, as well as the safety of the planet, has been established. The monsters created from the material will be what you need to collect to complete this protection quest.

Mining Heroes android

Download Mining Heroes mod – Puzzle and build the future system

The spheres accidentally fell to the earth just in time for the energy to deplete gradually. The earth names each sphere as crystal stars because they contain enough fuel. Humans have used inherent technology to uncover the secret of each globe. And their conclusion to it is that there are enough internal energies for the earth to grow one step further. Humanity began to collect them worldwide and gradually grew after time slowed down. The orbs have replenished the power, and the earth needs time to progress to the next stage of civilization. Harness the energy inside the crystals and try to help humanity reach more levels of development.

Mining Heroes apk

New energy source

An energy source accidentally reaches the earth and creates an opportunity for humanity to continue to develop. They were among the giant spheres that had fallen to the ground before and caused many waves of panic. After a period of discovery, the energy contained in it is something that humanity has found. These are minerals never seen on earth, accompanied by entirely new points. A unique opportunity for human development to continue has appeared before our eyes. Take part in solving puzzles so that humanity can collect as many energy spheres as possible. Store each sphere and harness its energy to build the whole world.

Mining Heroes free

Puzzle army

Development on earth took a new step when they cultivated many species of organisms. Those creatures are called monsters but are of great help to the planet. The service from monsters becomes more apparent when there is a new appearance of energy. You have the right to assemble a team of those heroes on the journey to find the energy orb. Each sacred dragon or knight in the squad will help you solve orbs-related puzzles. They need to be positioned the same way for the balls to come off the chain for you to collect. Try to solve each orb puzzle as much as possible cause they determine the amount of fuel.

Mining Heroes mod apk

Building the structure of the world

The demand for human energy has increased, and the remaining reserves are no longer met. People must find something new with lots of power to keep going. It seemed that everything was over, but now a new energy source had found itself. Those are spheres with the beauty of crystals containing the power of the five elements. There has been a success in researching the effects of this energy source in the coming years. It would be best if you used their energy correctly to build the structure for the world to come. Mining plants or raw material plants must be constructed to replenish fuel continuously.

Mining Heroes mod

A new energy reservoir has replaced the world’s depleted energy. This offset is due to the crystal balls containing the five orbs suddenly falling towards the earth. Humans have learned to exploit the spheres, and that is the premise of developing the structure. You have joined in this journey by forming your army of puzzles. They are monsters cultured from the scientific achievements of humanity and will help you. Energy must be obtained from spheres put together to be used. Download Mining Heroes mod to solve puzzles and form an army of energy miners.

Download Mining Heroes MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Damage Multiplier) for Android

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