Stickman The Flash MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked) 1.73.8

Updated 19/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameStickman The Flash APK
PublisherStormHit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Stickman The Flash MOD APK Information

  • V1
  1. Immortal
  2. Map Unlocked
  • V2
  1. All paid skins are open, and ads are disabled;
  2. After completing the level, you will get a lot of diamonds (access to weapons will open).

Introduce Stickman The Flash MOD APK

Become a stickman legend with legendary equipment in Stickman The Flash. The shinobi with dark blood will emerge from the darkness to attack you. You will have to deal with the majority of them alone, and any damage will be enough to take you down. Practice your best fighting skills from the arenas. The items dropped from the battle will help you win more easily. Besides, you can also challenge the strongest shinobi bosses. Unlock yourself mysterious items dropped from enemies of the ninja world. Empower yourself with bravery by donning the robes of shinobi.

Break the siege of the dark shinobi to become a stickman at the fastest speed. Destroy the encirclement of the enemies, defeat them and claim a resounding victory. Different arenas require you to use different skills. Even if you win one of the arenas, you will face bigger challenges. Flexibility in the way of fighting to be able to unlock equipment and combat skills. Defeat the bosses of the shinobi world to get the cloak. The representative of this world will soon fall into your hands. You will be able to wear this symbol in an arena not far away.

Stickman The Flash apk

Download Stickman The Flash mod – Become a knight of the ninja world

Play as a stickman warrior in the ninja world to fight this powerful and mysterious force. The brutal shinobi will organize attacks on you in a rush in the arenas. They possess pre-trained skills, becoming fearsome assassinate. They will surround you because they are only interested in taking you down. There will be no fair game because the good always have to face many bad guys. Fight hard and take down the shinobi to survive their siege. Step by step take down their leader to become the stickman hero.

Stickman The Flash free

Arena options

Proceed to destroy well-trained enemies from the dark world. Dark ninjas emerge from the shadows with a mission to defeat you. Dodge enemy sneak attacks. The instant moves of the enemy can surprise you and take damage. Practice the skills that a shinobi needs to have. Defeat the commander of the night, complete the arena and take on a new challenge. Destroy the shinobi to the dark to complete the mission of the arena. Dodge the skill because just taking any damage, your hero will also fall. Complete the arena by fighting continuously until a certain score is reached.

Stickman The Flash mod apk

Flexibly fighting

During combat, items drop from enemies after being knocked down. Enemies are given those items to be able to defeat you easily. Those items become your loot when you take them down. Weapons play a key role in whether you can defeat the person behind them. You will get a practical item to complete the battle by accumulating and collecting skills. The items dropped from the enemy will help you trounce the rest of the enemies. Use skills and weapons to be able to overwhelm the evil enemies. Perform combat flexibly through the use of different weapons.

Stickman The Flash android

Cloaked challenger

Unlock battles with the shinobi’s supreme cloak holder. In Stickman The Flash, you will fight those who have stood at the top of the ninja with bare hands. Don’t panic because they’re well-equipped and you’re not. The cloak holders will be subjective because of your strength. Survival matches give you training and the ability to seize opportunities. On the contrary, they stayed there for too long and carried the idea of ​​being the best. Take advantage of their opening time to be able to deliver a decisive blow. Try to win to get legendary equipment, prepare for the matches ahead.

Stickman The Flash mod

Prove your fighting talent through controlling the hero in the game. Well-trained shinobi can’t stop your steps. Control your character with reasonable moves to defeat the leader. Challenge and win equipment for your hero. Keep fighting and eliminate every enemy that comes out of the shadows in every arena. Download Stickman The Flash mod to control your stickman to become a hero from the shinobi world.

How to Download & Install Stickman The Flash MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/Unlocked) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at
2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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