Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK 2.86 (Unlimited Money)

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NameMetal Soldiers 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Metal Soldiers 2 action game you play as a hero in the fight against rebels. Play365 has been very successful with the classic style, in this game, too, the action scenes with extremely new images. Metal Soldiers 2 is not a game with sharp 3D graphics, but it is not a weakness either. Conversely, players will immediately see the difference in the image in a slightly old direction. In short, the gameplay is still the most attractive point. You will become a gunman to destroy rebellious rebels here. They have a large number and many weapons, enter and then destroy immediately. Not only guns, but players can also use many ways to destroy the enemy.

Blasting an oil tank, filling a barrel, and knocking down an enemy … those are some examples where you kill an enemy without needing a bullet. In addition to the dangers of the enemy, the game Metal Soldiers 2 also has a lot of pressure that you face. Even at the move, the character easily dies because a jump makes you fall to the abyss. Of course, the game allows you to revive that position but needs to prepare some necessary items.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod

Download Metal Soldiers 2 MOD – The quest to destroy rebels

The helicopter is the vehicle that takes you to the mission sequence in Metal Soldiers 2. The levels are arranged as a plan to overthrow the rebel with a detailed step by step map. Going to unlock each level in turn, then you will make an attack on the enemy and towards the gathering point. The number of enemy troops destroyed by the player is at the end of the screen. You do not need to destroy all enemies to pass the level but it helps to get more rewards. If possible, do not let any enemies survive under your gun. Metal Soldiers 2 always have dangerous locations marked in red, before entering such battles make sure your preparation is in the best state.

Adventure action game mode

Metal Soldiers 2 combines both action and adventure elements in their challenges. You can experience the shooting game mode but still explore new places in the mission. Another point, weapons in Metal Soldiers 2 is not on display in the store. You will collect guns on your game screen. Don’t waste bullets because it has a limited number, save it for the strongest enemies. Rebels come in many different forms, they can use guns, swords, even tanks. You never know what you’re going to face, so use your weapons very carefully.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod download

Choose multiple characters

Soldier is how this game is common to all characters. Each character is a warrior capable of fighting completely separate. Lich, River, Jackie, Candy, Taked, Kitsune, Sabe J, they are all bright faces in battles. Style is shown through clear pictures, choose one or all of them if you want. Metal Soldiers 2 MOD allows players to buy any warrior in this game.

Some additional equipment

Metal Soldiers 2 has no weapon to choose from, it appears randomly in the game screen. However, bullets, grenades, and Boosters are all items that you can buy more. It effectively supports the confrontation with dangerous rebels. Shield, Superjump, Fastfire, Moneymaker, or Super speed are always the necessary additions. It is not possible thanks to the bullets that you go through the challenging series of this game.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk

Metal Soldiers 2 opens your raid with the goal of eliminating all dangerous rebels. By an escort helicopter, you will arrive at designated locations to carry out your mission. Picking a favorite soldier and holding a gun to fight, there will be many traps and dangers lurking. Download Metal Soldiers 2 MOD is always a gunman with a cold head, ready to storm like a brave warrior.

Download Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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