Dragon Hills MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.6

Updated on 25/01/2023 (2 months ago)
NameDragon Hills APK
PublisherRebel Twins
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The heroic motif of rescuing the princess from the evil enemy is no longer too strange for gamers. Adventure games associated with familiar childhood like the Mario series or Donkey Kong are destined with such a plot. But Dragon Hills will give you a perspective you’ve never seen before. What if the princess becomes enraged? Roaming everywhere to take revenge on those who once kidnapped you? This game brings something completely different from the previous games we have played.

It is an action-adventure game and destroys enemies. Dragon Hills has an exciting gameplay with the control mechanism of a princess riding on the back of a dragon. Together the two become a duo that slaughters all targets they come across to serve, the revenge plan of the princess quite brutal but no less exciting. Chase the knights, finishing them off with precise bites and stabs. Confront extremely thrilling bosses.

Dragon Hills mod 4

Download Dragon Hills mod – Get ready for epic revenge

The main character is a princess, but she is not gentle and feminine like many other princesses. Her rather aggressive and naughty shape makes it more suitable for the context of the game. Accompanying that princess was a large and invincible dragon. At the beginning of the game, you will ride and control the dragon to walk on the terrain’s surface or go underground and emerge unexpectedly. Appearing on the journey are the knight soldiers and their bases. Your mission is to destroy everything on the way. Use the power of the dragon you are riding to level everything.

Through each certain screen, you will meet giant bosses, defeat them, to receive valuable rewards. To upgrade your dragon even stronger. There are also items with traps that appear a lot. Be careful to avoid thorny walls and lava pits. Pick up magical items like wings and upgrade items. Evolve for your companion. When diving too long underground, your dragon will find it difficult to breathe and need to come to the surface to recover. In the upper-middle corner of the screen are 3 hearts representing the 3 lives of the main character. Every time you touch a trap or get hit by a boss, you will lose 1 life.

Dragon Hills mod 3

Defeat enemies and beat bosses

The number of levels in Dragon Hills is huge. Each level will have powerful bosses and have much greater damage than other soldiers. The higher the level you play, the more enemies and traps appear, and their bosses will also have their power level increase with each level. Of course, the rewards of high levels are always beautiful. Affects the level and strength of your dragon a lot. Upgrade weapons, armor, and power for dragons and princesses to prepare for fiery and exciting boss battles.

Dragon Hills mod 2

Explore new lands

Through many different levels will take you through lands with different cultures. From the ancient Roman empire, the murky land, the snowy land to the village with windmills. There is a lot of lands to let you explore freely as you go through. Destroy enemies and bosses in lands with unique terrain and architecture. Get ready for crazy adventures. Travel through new lands and unleash killing everywhere.

Dragon Hills mod 1

Compete in ranking with friends

For online games, players compete directly with each other through a screen. In offline games, players can still compete through winning high scores and new records. To put your name on the leaderboard of those with the highest score. Dragon Hills also has its own ranking and scoring system. Help players compete with each other anywhere, anytime, to motivate all players to practice hard to achieve the highest achievements. Show off with friends and family in controlling your dragon to destroy multiple targets. Achieve high scores along with admirable records.

Dragon Hills mod

Possessing simple gameplay that is very attractive to players. Moreover, it is completely free, so it is quite convenient to reach new players, together with a community of players pushing the sequel to launch as soon as possible. Dragon Hills is a great idea to start a meeting or get together with friends. Let’s download Dragon Hills mod and never end fighting adventure!

Download Dragon Hills MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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