Metal Fire – Space Invader MOD APK (God mode/Onehit) 0.3.6

Updated 15/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameMetal Fire – Space Invader APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Metal Fire – Space Invader

Who is a fan of the adventure game genre fighting with alien characters can not ignore the game Metal Fire – Space Invader. In the vast universe, the player plays a space hero. The main task of the player is to destroy all alien monsters. They intend to invade the planets in this galaxy. It would be best if you stopped the evil actions they are creating. Being a space hero is no longer difficult; becoming a hero with the ability to shoot accurately. Classic 2D platformer game genre but still brings exciting and new experiences.

Being a level game, the player can go through the many challenges that the game offers. From the basic levels with weak monsters. Up to the more advanced levels with the appearance of bosses and a crowded monster system. Monsters continuously appear in your path each time you hit these monsters. Red rays were showing up, signifying the disappearance of the demons.

Along with that was the appearance of gold coins falling from the location of the demons. When moving to the end of the road, a grey door appeared. Stepping through here means that you have completed this task.

Metal Fire Space Invader android

Download Metal Fire – Space Invader mod – Become a space hero to destroy monsters that stand in your way.

The main screen of the game is a long road. With winding streets, pitfalls are located everywhere. Monsters appear at many locations on the route. With two virtual keys, the arrow moves left and right in the left-hand corner to help the hero move forward or backwards. On the left-ear corner is a viewfinder-shaped virtual key to help players make shots. There is also an upward arrow-shaped virtual key, which allows players to jump up when needed. Robots and alien monsters can destroy you. So players also need to pay attention when dealing with them. Can dodge when necessary and deliver a finishing blow when appropriate.

Metal Fire Space Invader apk

Various heroes

The remarkable thing is that players can meet their teammates on the way to battle. They are already waiting for you on the road if the player wants to use that character to fight. Move through this character, and your hero will transform into them and fight to the end. If you don’t want to use this character, jump over them. Each hero possesses superior shooting ability in addition to the male combat hero with a blue outfit. Players can also meet female warriors with solid courage. They wear innovatively designed costumes and beautiful appearances to players.

Metal Fire Space Invader mod apk

Fight the boss

Besides the robots, small and medium-sized alien monsters. Players can encounter giant monsters at specific levels. They possess more skills than the rest, and their appearance is more terrifying, like a legless monster robot. His face is designed to be fierce, and each of his fists makes you reduce your health significantly. Or a robot controlled by a skull with green eyes. The two arms of this monster fire projectile contain toxins that affect you. But if you destroy them, the rewards and items for you are huge.

Metal Fire Space Invader mod

Challenges and pitfalls

In addition to the intense battle with monsters, robots. Players also need to move to avoid the pitfalls in front of them. The stairs up and down, and just moving one step off, can fall out of the way immediately. Or the carpet of thorns is made of iron; touching your feet here reduces energy. Some stairs move to the sky to collect gold coins stretching here. Treasures of gold were hidden in the walls, hidden inside safes. The road is quiet; suddenly, there are two black holes. Then there is the attack of the alien robots.

Besides the diverse challenges, the locations are no less competitive. The landscape is constantly changing, and the colour of the area is also vibrant. They connected progressive machines or industrial chimneys. A side game pops up at some locations to help players win support items. Be it power-ups, gold coin magnets, or new guns. The game’s combat gun system also makes you open your eyes. Download Metal Fire – Space Invader becomes a cosmic hero, and discover new exciting things waiting for you ahead.

How to Download & Install Metal Fire – Space Invader MOD APK (God mode/Onehit) for Android


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