Merge Tale: Pet Love Story MOD APK 0.53.5 (Unlimited resources)

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NameMerge Tale: Pet Love Story APK
PublisherKosmos Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Finally, a game has appeared for players to both solve puzzles and raise pets in their dream garden. That’s right, none other than Merge Tale: Pet Love Story. Possessing the same gameplay as many predecessors like Candy Crush… But with a different and more magical story. Definitely animal lovers, especially with pets. Definitely won’t be able to miss this masterpiece. Join the magical world where you can decorate the garden. Take care of your lovely pets.

It can be said that Merge Tale: Garden Mystery is not based on any mythical literary works. Simply a new world of mysterious creatures. Raised and grown in a magical forest. Many plants can glow, carrying all kinds of hidden powers. All are recreated, developed by your own hands. With the task of renovating and expanding the magic garden. Become the nanny of mythical creature babies. You will be extremely excited to experience the game.

Merge Tale mod

Download Merge Tale: Pet Love Story mod – Manage your dream garden

Designed gameplay similar to the legendary puzzle game Candy Crush. You will move objects that are next to each other on the screen. And if for Candy Crush are sweet candies. Then in Merge Tale: Garden Mystery, we will be playing with fruits of different colors. Your task is to move the apples, pears, lemons, and grapes in a row of 3 or more. You will collect them based on the number of fruits in that row. Collect the required number of fruits for each level to complete 1 level. Bring back the number of resources needed to renovate the pristine garden and you can choose any egg to hatch.

At the completion of the incubation period, the unexpected happens. A magical creature emerges from the fruit with a very lovely shape. Depends on the color and shape of the egg. Each birth will be different in species and size. Take good care of them. Don’t forget to take care of your garden. Expand the area and improve many other diverse plants. Let the creatures and nature flourish together. Create the most magical garden you’ve ever dreamed of.

Merge Tale mod apk

Nurturing many mysterious creatures

The puzzle element in Merge Tale: Pet Love Story is designed very specifically. However, that is not the main thing that makes the game attractive. One of the special highlights of the game is the pet system. With many different species expressed through the color and shape of the egg. They are modified from real animals such as foxes, birds… Along with many mythical animals such as dragons, unicorns, Griffyns. Possessing colorful colors and a lovely appearance. They are an integral part of your garden more vibrant. Become the most dedicated nanny to take care of each of your pets.

Merge Tale mod apk free

Take care of the magical garden

The pepper garden was shabby as if it had been abandoned for a long time. It is now your responsibility to renovate and develop it. By completing many different levels. You will receive a miracle plant of very specific beauty and function. They are magical plants that have a certain association with mythical creatures. Planting a plant will increase the qualities and stats of the whole garden. Especially for a certain animal. Collect all possible plants and contribute to the garden’s bustle. When you’re busy, the gardener can help you handle everything.

Merge Tale mod free

Interesting interactions

In addition to the usual tasks such as taking care of pets and gardens. Merge Tale: Pet Love Story has even more interesting mechanics. Typically, you can upgrade and evolve your pet. They will be enhanced in appearance, a rarity as well as other basic stats. Usually things like the reclamation of the garden’s land. The advantages of farming are all taken care of by these lovely creatures. They will use their claws to loosen the soil. Even better, you are allowed to breed 2 different creatures to create a new creature. Bringing the traits of the previous generation together to become gorgeous and powerful beyond.

Merge Tale free

There are still a lot of other great things you can do in this puzzle game. You have both cultivated your thinking ability, and raised and cared for many lovely creatures. Renovating the garden adds many other interesting and attractive things. Once in this magical garden. You will not feel the depression here. Because there are always cute pets waiting for you to take care of them. Then why hesitate to download Merge Tale: Garden Mystery mod now to discover this wonderful mythological story.

Download Merge Tale: Pet Love Story MOD APK (Unlimited resources) for Android

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Kerry Vanepps
Kerry Vanepps
17 days ago
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Hello. When I open this game after installing, it requires me to update it in the play store. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much.

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