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Updated 26/05/2024 (4 days ago)
NameLollipop Sweet Heroes APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Lollipop Sweet Heroes

Join the quest to solve the puzzles of the candy world in the game Lollipop Sweet Heroes. You will start your puzzle quest again in a world of food. And this time, you will be immersed in sweet puzzles of coloured candies. But this world doesn’t just create sweet puzzle challenges for explorers. Anyone who successfully solves the puzzles will taste their explosive sweetness. However, the prerequisite is still successfully connecting the candies while solving the puzzle. Immerse yourself in the world of sweets and challenge yourself to solve sweet puzzles.

The puzzle world creates new challenges for puzzle participants. The puzzles this time are no longer a challenge to find the puzzlues hidden in the levels. Now they all take on colourful colours when the inside is filled with candies. However, they are placed randomly, which is considered a puzzle challenge. And you discover inside the puzzles are some dishes hidden by the candies. They are sending out a rescue signal; the only way is to solve the candy puzzles successfully. Discover a new puzzle challenge in these sweet candy challenging levels.

Lollipop Sweet Heroes mod

Download Lollipop Sweet Heroes mod – Challenge yourself with sweet candy puzzles

You will enter a whole new puzzle world when it is filled with new colours. And when you enter, you will also feel that they are lovely puzzles in the shape of the candy. They are all sweets children love, and you cannot help but be attracted. However, your task is to solve the puzzles and feel their sweetness. But that only comes when you match three or more candies in the sweet candy puzzle challenge. The candies will expose you to the sweet flavours of solving the puzzle. Take on the challenge of solving sweet candy puzzle chains and discover their sweetness.

Lollipop Sweet Heroes mod apk

Candy world

New sweet candy puzzles have been created to challenge puzzlers like you. And when entering the world of sweets, you will be immersed in the colourful colours of the candies. They will all bring a sweet feeling to those solving puzzle levels. You will also travel through many candy lands and explore different forms of puzzles. Each land has its unique candy puzzles and different candy flavours. And to enjoy all the candy flavours of the world, you need to solve every puzzle successfully. Start solving the sweet candy puzzles and enjoy the endless flavours after successfully solving the puzzle.

Lollipop Sweet Heroes free

Match the candies

You are the one who takes up the challenge of solving sweet candy puzzles and wants to enjoy their taste. So you must successfully match three sweets in the puzzle to make them explode. The candies will be randomly arranged, and you need to pay attention to finding the link between them. However, you might get confused because the sweet candy puzzle has a lot of different types of candies. And you need to focus on the candies to combine the unique sweet candy flavours. It will allow you to experience the feeling of tasting different candies while solving the puzzle. Match candies in the sweet candy world and complete the most adorable puzzles.

Lollipop Sweet Heroes android

Puzzle mode

The candy world has created many sweet challenges to challenge everyone’s puzzle talent. And they’re also designed so puzzlers can get a feel for the candies. You can enter stealth mode to rescue trapped special candies. Or you can enter destruction mode to create explosive candy combinations. They are both fun puzzle challenges but no less exploratory. And those with a talent for puzzles will enjoy the sweet candy puzzle world. Keep exploring candy puzzles in different modes of the sweets world.

Lollipop Sweet Heroes apk

You decide to take part in new unique puzzles as you enter the world of sweets. The puzzles here are set up with lots of different candies randomly placed. And when they are combined, it creates many sweet flavours for puzzlers. It is an attractive factor for you to join the challenge of connecting candies at different levels. You may have to rescue special candies at the start of the hidden puzzle mode. And you will also discover many flavours of sweets after successfully solving the puzzles. Download Lollipop Sweet Heroes mod to be a successful solver of sweet puzzle levels.

How to Download & Install Lollipop Sweet Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) for Android


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