Merge Romance MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.2

Updated 23/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMerge Romance APK
PublisherC.C.T Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Romance

Recreate the island after a long time wasted and build a romantic life in Merge Romance. You received an invitation from an older woman and have decided to go to an island for everyone. This is a resort island successfully built by Mrs Hall and her husband. They want everyone who comes here to have a romantic time together. But they are too old and can’t take care of everything here like they used to. Efforts to take care of the island have been wasted, and you see only a messy place. So help the Hall grandparents take care of the island and turn it back into a romantic spot.

Mrs Hall’s island used to be a romantic destination for couples. There is also a coffee shop here, which helps people who come here enjoy the best coffee. But all this remains only in memory because the island has long since ceased to be cared for. Even Mrs Hall’s efforts could not bring the island back to how it was before. So Mrs Hall needs your help to revive the island again. The letter has convinced you to go to the island, and you will begin the regeneration process. Become an island caretaker and prepare to recreate a romantic life.

Merge Romance android

Download Merge Romance mod – Build an island for romance

You have assumed the role of island manager when you accept Mrs Hall’s invitation to come to the island. The Halls built this island wanted to make everything above the most romantic. But they could not maintain this for too long because they were too old and began to neglect the island. And Mrs Hall has invited you to come here and help her restore what she built. You have to rearrange everything on the island and hire more construction workers. There are many jobs on an island, and you cannot handle them all alone. So connect things on the island and merge everything to build the romantic island of your dreams.

Merge Romance mod

Renovating the island

The island has been degraded for a long time, and you must restore its functions. The tourists also refused to come here, and the island became almost deserted. There are only a few monuments left up here, preserved by Mrs Hall, but you still have to start over. Your island reclamation has just begun, as you have to restore everything. You have to solve the puzzles hidden inside the ruins if you want to improve the outside look. The beaches are also disabled when abandoned for a long time; please unlock them. Explore a deserted island and once again romantically renovate it.

Merge Romance free

Completing the cafe

Mrs Hall opened the cafe on this island to serve romantic travellers. But she couldn’t take care of the place, and the restaurant had become too rundown. And you have to perfect this place if you want tourists to return to the romantic island. You must learn the cafe’s history from Mrs Hall and create a restoration strategy. Information from past employees is also essential and let’s talk to them. This cafe plays a critical role in the development of your romantic island. Make the right decisions and redevelop the restaurant from a wasteland.

Merge Romance apk

Merge on the island

You will run all work on this island, and you can use the combine function. You got this function by accepting Mrs Hall’s invitation to repair the romantic island. The combination of the isle will help you quickly restore the island’s beauty. It also gives you valuable tools that you can renovate anywhere. All places on the island need to be repaired and create higher items. Old homes will once again become beautiful thanks to the ability to combine. The island also lacks many things, and let’s connect on the island to build the rest.

Merge Romance mod apk

An island that caters to romantic tourists has had to discontinue service. This island’s manager could not take care of the place and had to give up his efforts. But you are invited to this place and get the ability to combine everything on the island. You will gradually complete the island in every corner that has been abandoned for a long time. The cafe will also return to serving romantic travellers. All your efforts towards the island will be recognized, and you will try to perfect it. Download Merge Romance mod to combine items and build a romantic island for yourself.

How to Download & Install Merge Romance MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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