Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.20

Updated on 07/02/2023 (2 days ago)
NameImposter Solo Kill APK
PublisherIEC Games Australia
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Impostor Solo Kill is a recently released game inspired by the success of the worldwide popular game Among Us. The same scene with the original 2D game. Impostor Solo Kill will help you feel extremely familiar combined with completely new gameplay. If you just want to be an Imposter and kill the crew as many times as you want. This 3D game will definitely be for you.

Based on the same story with Among Us, you will play the character of Imposter throughout the game. With the mission of destroying all Crewmates on the spaceship without letting them detect it. Along with that, you have to use items and systems that appear on the spaceship. Carry out the killing safely and stay undetected. Scare them and finish them off with your scary jaws. Currently, the game is available on the App Store and Google Play for you to freely experience on any device. In addition, That level again 2 or DOP 2: Delete One Part also gives you the level of intellectual challenge.

Imposter Solo Kill 1

Download Imposter Solo Kill mod – Using wisdom to slaughter everything

You can play the Imposter role throughout all levels of the game. There are hundreds of levels for you to challenge your wits. Along with the requirements that each game screen set out is no longer too strange. That is to destroy the entire crew present on the ship. With gameplay similar to the original hit game, players use the virtual keys on the screen to move, manipulate objects and finish off the ill-fated crew. Simple gameplay, but to apply to high levels of play is a problem.

Use the virtual joystick to move your character around the spaceship. Search for the crew and dispose of them with your giant mouth. In the first stages, the area limit will be very small and the targets appear right in front of your eyes. Killing them and completing the level is extremely simple. When two or more crew members stand close together, if you kill one, the other will panic and run around. But that also does not affect too much screenplay. You just need to destroy the rest of the arrows and you will win.

Imposter Solo Kill 2

Reasonable use of factors

It’s not just you and the crew on the spaceship. There are also a lot of systems and items for you to explore and use appropriately to complete the level. For example, the door system to separate any crew name. Or damage the systems on board yourself. For the purpose of seducing the crew to gather it is convenient for killing. You can also use the tips above to isolate some stupid crew. Win and proceed to the next level.

Imposter Solo Kill 3

Unlimited challenge levels

The simple early stages really have nothing to mention. Those are the levels to help you understand more about the gameplay and get used to the atmosphere of the game. Imposter Solo Kill also has a high level of gameplay. With difficulty requires logical thinking and agility to complete them. Learn how to use items and systems appropriately. Attracting and killing crew members is so quiet and sneaky. If they find out that you are trying to destroy a certain system, they will gather around and discover that you are a fake. Be careful and skillful to make the right decisions.

Imposter Solo Kill 4

Dress up for something funny

Bring yourself extremely funny looks. It was the intent of causing even non-brutal murder acts that looked ridiculous and amusing. You have the choice of either putting on a roll of toilet paper, a dumb-looking hat, or even a pine stick… the toilet. Your imposter can’t be changed color though and defaults to red. Dressing things up might not be called outfits and looks weird. But it is very amusing. Very suitable for a game with such unique elements.

Imposter Solo Kill 5

In order to bring gamers the excitement and rush like the game Among Us is too famous. Imposter Solo Kill promises to bring you a lot of emotions. The gameplay is not limited to time and has a very refreshing entertainment that will replace the inhibitory moments when having to be a continuous crew in Among Us. Download Imposter Solo Kill mod now and get ready for thoughtful killing!

Download Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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