Merge Manor: Sunny House MOD APK 1.0.95 (Unlimited money)

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NameMerge Manor: Sunny House APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation

Use diamonds and gold will not decrease.

If you’re looking for a game suitable for all ages, there’s the puzzle genre. This game helps you relieve stress and is also intellectually valuable. However, just solving the puzzles was too simple. Therefore, Merge Manor: Sunny House has added other elements to increase the fun of the experience. Your main task when participating, not the puzzle. However, the player must pass this method to complete the challenge. Merge Manor: Sunny House promises to bring the best things for you.

The first time you come to Merge Manor: Sunny House, you will be surprised. Because the desolate landscape here will be revealed, according to what the main character Sunny recounts, you will understand part of the problem right away. Her aunt initially left this vast mansion. However, since her health was not stable, she was no longer here. Because of that, it was abandoned and looked like a cruel place. Unable to stand by and watch such scenes continue, Sunny decided to renovate them. However, this little girl couldn’t handle it on her own. So, help her perfect everything!

Merge Manor Sunny House apk

Download Merge Manor: Sunny House mod – Recreate the old mansion

Your exciting journey has officially begun. If you are a beginner, there should be no problem. Sunny will guide you through the minor tasks. Indeed after only a few minutes, you will have grasped how to play. After completing the process of joining the objects, you will do the job you want to do. In particular, when experiencing the next level, players will know more new things. All the mysteries in Sunny’s life will be revealed for you to find out. Now let’s discover together!

Easy to do the puzzle

Although Merge Manor: Sunny House does add quests through puzzle solving. But the core here is still merging objects. Instead of matching diamonds together, you will now interact with everyday items. Such as flower pots, shovels, brooms, gloves, stones, etc. When combined, they will become valuable items.

Those will mainly be the replacement for the old mansion. Players are free to explore and customize anywhere they like. Do not forget to combine and add different types of flowers to help everything become full of life. Players will see the change overwhelmingly right on the small screen.

Merge Manor Sunny House apk mod

Rewards for those who deserve it

Indeed, you will spend a lot of effort to own the desired item when you do. Waiting is sometimes frustrating. But don’t give up. The results that Merge Manor: Sunny House brings will surprise you. Those moments of testing your patience double your chances of getting a reward. Those gifts will help players expand the area and own more new locations.

More specifically, when you own many stars, you will get a new design. There are more monumental fountains, large swimming pools, swings, etc. Small details such as beehives, dog houses, flower pots, etc., are also open for you to use. Redecorating this place is not easy, but it is also an exciting experience.

Merge Manor Sunny House mod

Meet many new characters

After turning the ruins into a genuinely splendid mansion, many people will come to play. Your Sunny will also double the joy in the same place I cleaned up. These friends will appear as neighbors, loved ones, or cute dogs. They can eat cake, drink tea, talk and confide together. Most of these people will donate to help the little girl improve the villa. The most memorable thing is the pride of the grandmother. She is so happy to love. Playful little stories seem to have blown a warm breeze to this enormous mansion.

Merge Manor Sunny House mod apk

Merge Manor: Sunny House not only brings you good entertainment moments. The game also helps participants gain more knowledge about decorative arts. You will surely be amazed at what you have done yourself. The blossoming passion of the flower buds is like a sign of rebirth. The joyful song of birds has created a poetic scene. Download Merge Manor: Sunny House mod to draw a dreamy blue color for everything here!

Download Merge Manor: Sunny House MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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