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Updated 18/07/2023 (8 months ago)
NameVandals APK
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SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Vandals

Vandals MOD APK is a challenging game to overcome puzzles and become your wrecker. You will become a vandal and live in a city with many works of art. But the police do not recognize them, and they are considered acts of vandalism. So you will embark on the task of creating those works despite the protests of the police. They have created cages to prevent you, so you must find a way to escape their tracking. And when you get out, you can draw your favourite works on the wall. Conquer the goal of creating art products after escaping from the police.

You are a street art enthusiast and would love to write down your nickname. And you’ve reached the art cities and are ready for new challenges. But there are a lot of police officers watching for so-called vandals like you. They wanted to protect the walls and not allow anyone to paint on them. So you need to escape from the police cages and achieve your goal. But it would be best if you were very careful because they are very alert about noises appearing around. Experience the feeling of stealthily painting walls that express your personality.

Vandals apk

Download Vandals MOD APK – Pass the puzzles to take the challenge of painting on the wall

Becoming a saboteur will bring you unprecedented exciting feelings. And you want to paint the walls with your favourite artwork. So you began your journey through many cities and pursued the path of an artist. You can paint on the walls romantic works when coming to the dream city of Paris. Or your paint paintings will take on a free colour while in Sao Paulo. You can create your drawings in any city when you overcome the challenge. Be careful in your every step and make successful street drawings.

Vandals free

Puzzle quests

You have become a vandal by painting your drawings on the wall. But the police already know you and look for you everywhere on the street. They have created different tracking areas so they can arrest you anytime. So it would be best to rely on the arrows to move through the directions when the police are distracted. If you are careless, they will know where you are and make an immediate arrest. Therefore, you must be careful before choosing directions and preparing escape plans. Transform into a street artist and conquer artistic puzzles in Vandals MOD APK.

Vandals mod apk

Useful tools

The police are on guard everywhere, and completing the work won’t be easy. No matter how careful you are, they will be watching you every step of the way. So it would be best to find a way to distract and attract their attention to escape tracking. The fake noises from the glass bottle will help you make safer movements. And you can also distract the police with sirens to get out safely. However, those tools will be limited and should be considered before use. Use valuable objects to bring you closer to successfully drawing street works.

Vandals mod

Explore different levels

You don’t just want your artwork to appear in a single city. So when you complete the challenges ahead, you will continue your journey. And this world has five cities where you can test your ability to draw works of art. They include 60 puzzle levels where your goal remains to escape from the police. And when you win, you can get valuable rewards from different works. Finally, the most talented titles an artist can receive. Beat every puzzle level and paint your creations on the wall to express yourself.

Vandals android

Appearing in iconic cities of the arts is your chance to express yourself. With a talent for painting works of art on the wall, you will not pass up this opportunity. But you will face obstacles from the police because they are looking for you everywhere. And in the beginning, you have to find a way to eliminate their stalkers. Items you have, like a glass bottle or a siren, will temporarily help you out. And when drawing successfully, you must escape the police to receive the rewards safely. Download Vandals MOD APK to become the most talented vandal with beautiful artwork.

How to Download & Install Vandals APK for Android


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