Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon MOD APK 1.2.72 (Free buy)

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NameMerge Bike game Idle Tycoon APK
PublisherPanther & Leopard
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon is a idle puzzle game for motor vehicle enthusiasts. It started with an old bicycle that was abandoned in a warehouse. Then expand and build into a spacious garage. Collect a lot of rare models of bicycles and motorbikes. More importantly, put it on the track to earn money. Just like that, a cycle revolves around merging, putting the car on the track, and collecting money. The main interface is charcoal green with an oval track surrounding four parking squares. At the beginning of the game, the player will meet Selena, who will accompany and guide you on this thorny path.

If you are a new member of this genre of puzzle fusion game, don’t worry. First, apart from Selena, there is a white hand to guide you step by step to enter the game. With just two clicks buy two red used cars for cheap. Appearing on the screen were two cars with identical models. Next, the player multiplies one vehicle and moves it to the other’s location. Then through a screen merge and transform. We have received a brand new motorcycle model. The ring holds onto this new model and takes it to the track. After running a lap, you will collect the money that this car brings.

Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon android

Download Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon mod – Fusion and collect the latest motorcycle designs on the planet

After the first car model, the player is given a gift of the same car model. And the important thing is that two similar cars can be combined. And so on, buy back the first model and create pairs. So that there appear to be pairs of similar cars. After unlocking certain car models, the player unlocks more space for parking. In addition, players also have to wait for the previous models to run out of the necessary laps before they can put the next models into the race lane. It is because of this waiting that will sometimes cause shortages in the parking area. Players need to be flexible in combining to quickly create space.

Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon apk

New car model

The player does not know the next vehicle model during the fusion process. You have to wait until the end to know their newness and diverse designs. Designs vary from simple models to large displacement models with high speed. Multi-color scooter models such as pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, … Or the large displacement Harley fx model is a combination of two colors orange and black. Aprili Rsv4  model with outstanding red color makes the car’s aggressive structure. Especially with the later models, the speed and the amount of gold it earns after a race is increasing. Every time you run on the road, there is a strip of the same color as the passing car.

Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon apk free

Speed ​​up the car

The left corner of the screen has a green square button with the words speed on it. On it was the symbol of a burning clock with an orange flame. Players just need to click this support button, the cars in the race will be doubled in speed within two minutes. But this help button is not free to use. Players need to watch ads or use purple diamonds earned during the competition. Once put into use, a gray racing strip is diagonally across the screen. A red racing car sped past that signaled the start of the countdown. The player keeps track of his level on the left corner.

Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon mod

Support gift

Occasionally during the course of the game, there is an orange drone flying above the screen. Players click on this plane to discover the gifts that the guests bring. There are many new gifts and support players in optimizing profits. For example, if it is a pile of gold coins, you can get a skill to support multiplying 5 gold coins within 60 seconds. These support skills are also not free to use. Can watch ads or use purple diamonds to buy these skills. Depending on the times they appear, there will be different skills for players to discover.

Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon mod apk

Find your way through new levels of vehicles. Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon also provides a ranking list of players with high levels through the yellow trophy. There is also a wheel of fortune in the right corner to test each person’s luck. Players can earn spins through level unlocks. Use the spins to earn more rewards such as gold coins, diamonds, and gems… Download Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon fusion mod and earn money from epic motorcycle models.

Download Merge Bike game Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Free buy) for Android

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