Path of Giants MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.2.3

Updated on 22/04/2022 (11 months ago)
NamePath of Giants APK
PublisherJourney Bound Games Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Join the Path of Giants into a new space as a professional explorer. Have you ever dreamed of one day digging a vast treasure? If not, join hands with Path of Giants and hunt for treasure together. You and your teammates will join the challenge to find the treasure hidden by the past kings. But the search is not easy, giants protect them. To collect, you need to follow the path of those giants. The challenge requires solidarity and logical intelligence in a team of 3 detectives. So start your adventure to find valuable treasure with your friends right now!

In this game, your teammates Bern, Matchi, and Totch will work together to complete the challenge. To find the hidden treasure, you need to find the giant’s path. The power of solidarity will help you and your teammates quickly explore that path. Path of Giants has built up eye-catching, large spaces in the game to help players enjoy the quest. When teamwork is strong along the way, the results are valuable treasures. Try always to stick together until you complete the challenge!

Path of Giants free apk

Download Path of Giants mod – become a talented treasure-hunting detective

Path of Giants will transform you into a detective specializing in hunting for precious treasures. The search process is more straightforward if you have the amulets of the kings. Find the path the giant has forged by solving puzzles. Your task is to join forces with your teammates to follow the predetermined direction. When all three detectives reach the secret door together, now together find the answer to the puzzle. During the game, you need to use your intelligence to find a way to help your teammates reach the finish line. All activities in the search process must take place at the same time by all three people. Make sure no one is left behind when completing the mission.

Path of Giants apk

Diverse puzzles hack players’ brains

Path of Giants has invested heavily in puzzles in this challenge. Players will go through 50 puzzles with 13 different levels, from easy to complex. The puzzles are in the form of a complex matrix that requires the player to figure out how to connect pipes. Each matrix will be designed with three color lines corresponding to the detective character’s shirt color. When you click the lines drawn on the door into a complete line, you are successful. At this point, the door opens, and your teammates continue their journey with different terrain. The more puzzles you solve, the higher your score and become a professional detective.

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Discover new roads

The first impression to the player at the beginning of the adventure is probably the ample space the treasure storage. You will be overwhelmed with the specially designed terrain so far. Explore snowy mountains, tall buildings, or even the most difficult places to go. The roads you go require logic to arrange three detectives in proper order. Each character will know the stop on each route in advance according to the color corresponding to the outfit. You need to get them to those points, only then will the following path open. The course looks simple, but if you do not place people in the correct position, the game becomes more challenging than ever.

Path of Giants mod apk

Challenge one player to control three characters

The gameplay has specific differences compared to other regular games. Path of Giants builds three-character routes that require you to use your strategy to lead them to where the treasure is. Three detectives with the same purpose searching for treasure, three individuals but merged into one. Explore a world of gems and solve complex puzzles together. Teammates should work together to complete the challenge quickly. When you reach the puzzle door, you will help them break the porcelain jar inside containing the treasure. That will help you score points and be more advantageous in decoding the matrix. All the efforts and solidarity of this friendship will reap the sweet fruit.

Path of Giants mod

Path of Giants brings a fun atmosphere, the perfect combination of sounds and images in the game. Detectives with cute and exciting looks will surely attract you at first sight. The short stories on the road will make you feel like you are searching for treasure in real life. The puzzle level will be gradually increased according to the game’s ranks, testing your intelligence. Finding your way to your destination will help you improve your intellect with perseverance. So download Path of Giants to both trains your mind and have the opportunity to become a professional treasure-hunting detective.

Download Path of Giants MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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