Merge Battle Tactics MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 34

Updated 19/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameMerge Battle Tactics APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Battle Tactics

Combine small creatures into more giant creatures to fight in Merge Battle Tactics MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money). Buy weak animals at the store in bulk to fuse them. The number of creatures will be increased according to your earnings. Later, the money you need to spend to shop will be costly, but it is natural when your budget has increased significantly. If you fail against too strong enemies, don’t worry because you will still receive money based on the number of kills. Enemies will be arranged entirely by the machine, and your task is to adjust the squad, merge monsters and fight when you feel ready.

Money crushing people to death is a real thing in real life and here. If you can use the money outside to buy almost everything, including personality and human treatment, then there is more money here, and you will have more. Because you have money, the number of creatures you bring back for them to set foot on the ring is countless. At that time, you can freely use your fusion ability to create powerful super monsters with many pawns on the table. But the tactical arrangement also needs attention, especially when the correlation of forces is equal, and there is not too much difference.

Merge Battle Tactics mod apk free min

Download Merge Battle Tactics APK mod – Fusion of monsters and fierce battles

Monster is a highly vague and confusing definition, even today. This word came from a long time ago. It was called by ancient people to refer to a particular creature whose appearance and actions are not like ordinary people, contrary to society and beyond the understanding of human beings. Human. In short, the word is used so much that it has become so popular that its original meaning is completely misunderstood and forgotten. Young people often use it to discriminate against others because, in the old days, it was used to describe highly mysterious creatures that appeared in religions and brought disaster to humanity.

Merge Battle Tactics mod min

The origin of the monster’s power

Initially, it was just a dog raised by a gentle farmer. It is very friendly with everyone, and they love the dog very much. But whenever its owner is in danger, it is ready to use its life to protect the person who raised it. But when a peculiar electromagnetic tornado sweeps through their village, everything changes. Everyone died, including the dog with the owner. Regardless, its soul still wants to come back to life to find the person who harmed the owner and does not want any dog to have the same fate as me. Soon after, a series of such unjust dogs were revived.

Merge Battle Tactics free min

The element of fire represents destruction and chaos

Since ancient times, volcanoes have represented disaster and destruction. Wherever they live, their presence is like lying with death. Once it erupted, very few people were able to escape safely. Unfortunately, that village also lived near the volcano, and the storm changed the interior of the volcano. Molten lava is turned into a gaseous form of fire, and, unexpectedly, they have life. They moved everywhere and bombarded everything they saw. This chaos stops when all is recovered and sealed with ancient gold coins. You are one of the selected people who can use the cash.

Merge Battle Tactics mod apk min

The fighting style of the creatures

Fire spirits can attack with long range, and the source of damage remains relatively stable over time. Meanwhile, the demon dog will attack directly close to the enemy as a vanguard force with abundant resistance. It will make a reliable shield against enemies of the same level. Reasonably arrange your troops so all creatures can promote their strengths and win consecutively.

Merge Battle Tactics mod free min

Fight with peerless leaders

There will be a lot of creatures on the opponent’s side that are not as easy to eat as in the starting levels. Let’s fuse creatures of the same type and of the same story to reach a higher level. At that time, they were powerful and saved space to make room for recruits. Also, with enough money, you can completely fulfill your dream of owning a boss with unparalleled power. Explore the challenging yet exciting arena in Merge Battle Tactics APK 34.

How to Download & Install Merge Battle Tactics MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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