Prince of Persia: Escape 2 MOD APK 1.4.0 (Menu, Unlocked all)

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NamePrince of Persia: Escape 2 APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlocked all
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Continuing the series of short-running obstacle games called Prince of Persia: Escape 2. It brings new features, more prominent, more interesting, and equally unique than its predecessor. Called a short run because the player does not need to focus on the long distance as possible like other games. Instead, players only need to run a short distance but need to collect all the requirements of the game. Play as a muscular, topless guy wearing white pants with a blue belt. The running track stretches along the wall of a castle, the orange building is located in a medieval place.

Running in a straight line, the first levels of Prince of Persia: Escape 2 provide the player with instructions. The blue text appears when you need to jump and rotate. When there is a cut point between two walls, or the back wall is higher than the previous one. Players need to quickly jump up to avoid falling off the cliff or crashing into the wall. Otherwise the player needs to stop the game and start over. The requirement of Prince of Persia: Escape 2 is to collect all three yellow hourglasses that appear on the way. There are sections running along the wall, running across the wall, or sliding over the slide, falling from the wall to the bottom.

Prince of Persia Escape 2 mod

Download Prince of Persia: Escape two mod – Race across the orange walls to collect hourglasses

In addition to needing to run through the road full of nooks and crannies. Players need to overcome even the enemies that stand in the way with the goal of stopping you. When encountering the arrows, the player needs to do somersaults, spin, or hit them to kick them out of the wall. When there are stairs connecting the two areas, it is necessary to cross it quickly. If the player runs slowly, these stairs will break and you will not reach the finish line in time. In addition, throughout the run, there are blue diamonds appearing. Must get as many of these diamonds as possible, do not miss them because they can be used for later purchases.

Prince of Persia Escape 2 mod apk

Change of clothes

As a pompous prince, it is not good to wear only one pair of pants forever. That’s why Prince of Persia: Escape 2 created a collection of different clothes. The clothes under a variety of colors are purchased with the number of diamonds the player earns. Red ninja outfit combined with black face scarf. The boxer was wearing long pants and a white tank top, and blond hair. There’s also a mossy hunter suit with black hair and a red headband. There are also female characters under orange tights, and a fluttering slit skirt. There are also many characters that the player has not discovered under the black shadows.

Prince of Persia Escape 2 apk

Open the gift chest

In addition to diamonds and hourglasses to collect on the run there are also ancient golden keys. These keys are quite small and appear intermittently. Each level has three keys, if you can collect enough players can open three chests. At the end of the level, if you pass the gate and finish, a series of wooden chests will appear. With the number of keys collected, a maximum of three. The player chooses to get the number of gift chests corresponding to the number of keys. Depending on your luck, you can get weapons, clothes, or more or less blue diamonds. There is a yellow bar on the top, when it is full, the player has passed enough to pass the level.

Prince of Persia Escape 2 android

Fight with the enemy

The prince always carried a weapon, usually swords. When encountering an enemy wearing a red suit, the player needs to swing his sword to defeat them. Sometimes it’s a quick slash with maximum speed. Followed by silhouettes of the player’s sword swing. When approaching an enemy, there is a dashed red circle surrounding the enemy. It is like a signal that the player needs to take a hand within this circle. The number of enemies is more or less depending on the difficulty of the game screen. Up to the higher level, the running route will also be more tricky, having to perform more difficult operations. Enemies appear denser and more powerful.

Prince of Persia Escape 2 apk free

Prince of Persia: Escape 2 allows players to fight in a variety of terrain environments. Most of them rhyme on the orange wall. But the surrounding scenery will change between day and night. Sometimes it is to run in the rain or snowstorm. They are part of preventing players from reaching the winning position of the game. The gates were built with huge carved stones. The image of a king cobra, a lion’s head, a strategist’s head with a long beard… They all have a pair of evil red eyes. Download Prince of Persia: Escape 2 mod to participate in the race to collect hourglasses.

Download Prince of Persia: Escape 2 MOD APK (Menu, Unlocked all) for Android

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