Map Coordinates MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 5.6.5

Updated 07/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameMap Coordinates APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Map Coordinates

Are you troubled by not being able to find your destination even though you have been given directions? Indeed many people have experienced this feeling, and Map Coordinates is what you can count on in this case. Combined from a lot of different GPS satellites extraterrestrial. In addition to being a large world map, it is also a great navigation tool. Know every location by name and coordinates on maps and satellites. The fastest way to get you there without being late. If your job requires you to travel a lot, this is the one for you.

Just one click gives you updated maps and worldwide coordinates with detail and high-speed map loading speed. We can switch to many different locations thousands of kilometers away in just a few seconds. Provides all the necessary tools for users to use with the map. The most common is probably looking for somewhere’s location and measuring the distance from one place to another. Using it to learn geography is also a good choice. Although maps are known for giving directions, they can be used in many more situations.

Map Coordinates mod

Download Map Coordinates mod – Find coordinates and addresses of any place

As a large map of the world, it is easy to understand when Map Coordinates is used to find out the location of many places. You will search for positions that you do not know by entering their addresses in the search bar. The map will start moving and point to the exact location you need to find. If you want to show your area, you need to enable GPS mode on your smartphone. Your location will then appear on the map represented by a red coordinate icon. Click on any place to see how long it will take you to get there. Accurate distance and movement speed are always guaranteed in Map Coordinates.

Map Coordinates mod apk

Relatively precise location

You need an internet connection to use Map Coordinates maps. As long as you have a stable network connection, it doesn’t matter where you are located. The map not only shows the location, but the illustrations are also very accurate. Correctly describe the location as a building or a vacant lot, or possibly a lake. The navigation system of this application is continually updated as soon as possible. So if there is a place you destroy and rebuild, Map Coordinates will update immediately. You will be surprised at how fast it updates maps and terrain. Rest assured, entrusting directions in the fastest way.

Map Coordinates mod apk free

Data is saved

No matter what locations you search for, they will be saved in the app’s history. When you want to review the site of that place, go to the history section, and it will appear immediately. Know the exact distance between where you are and the specified location. If there’s a place, you’ll go to constantly, add it to your list of favorite places. When accessing the map, it will be highlighted with an icon. Not to find your way around, because you’ve got to remember the place for sure. It is used to find other places more quickly if they happen to be near your favorite location.

Share coordinates easily

Have an appointment with friends at a place, but they don’t know where that place is, then send the coordinates of that place to your friends. Copy them on the map and paste them into messages or various backgrounds. Just by that simple operation, your friends know your location. Depending on the platform, you can convert coordinates to many different formats. Avoid the case that the format mismatch leads to the wrong coordinates sent. DMS, what3words, MGRS, GEOREF (WGRS), and UTM are some of the most common coordinate formats to use in messaging.

Map Coordinates mod free

Just download and use Map Coordinates for a while. You will be able to remember almost all the places in your city. Send coordinates to everyone in the easiest way, and share and save your favorite places. Map Coordinates mod is the most perfect and fastest way map.

How to Download & Install Map Coordinates MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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