Story Saver MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlocked Pro)

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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Instagram has been and is one of the most popular social networks globally. With the number of accounts up to billions, it is very typical for a day to have many posts in different forms appear. Therefore, Story Saver has been developed to serve Instagram users themselves. We will save a lot of stories and posts on this social network with it. Memories are something that is in the past and cannot be returned. However, if we save them, we can reminisce at any time. That’s how you use Story Saver.

Unlike Youtube or Facebook, Instagram still does not support users to save and download their posts. This includes all genres from stories, videos, articles, and images… This is a vast shortcoming and disadvantage for users of this enormous platform. We need another tool to store our memories on it. Since then, Story Saver has been released to everyone. From now on, saving everything on Instagram will no longer be a fantasy. All users can save and re-share their memories and favorites at any time.

Story Saver mod

Download Story Saver mod – Don’t lose everyone’s good memories

Exclusive and exclusive on Instagram is the first standout feature of Story Saver. Because other platforms already have many ways to save information. It would be superfluous if this app supported those platforms as well. Exclusively for Instagram is the right decision. With this application, users will link directly to their Instagram account. Save all the content that appears on the social network of billions of people. From essential articles, videos as short as you want to stories that last only a few seconds, or unique photos and GIFs. After saving, all will be included in Story Saver’s library.

When you access Story Saver, you will see all the saved things appear on the application screen. Over time, they will disappear on Instagram about 24 hours after posting. However, if you keep them to Story Saver, they will last forever. And that’s how you store your lost data. So what do you do with them? Looking back and remembering many of your special memories? That’s good too. So what about reposting them again? It’s not difficult at all.

Story Saver mod apk free

High-speed data download

Any information you choose to download will be kept in its correct format and genre. If you download a video or GIF, they will still watch and move as usual. There is no limitation or data reduction of Story Saver. That is also one of the reasons that their capacity will be pretty high. You can download hundreds of different photos and videos. Depending on the quality and genre, the power will increase over time. However, you don’t need to worry too much about that. With the fast download speed and large capacity of most smartphones today, everything will be solved efficiently.

Story Saver mod apk

Support multiple accounts at the same time

Story Saver will also switch to that account’s data when converting an Instagram account. This means that if you upload a photo to the primary account, it will not appear in the secondary account. All data of accounts are independent. They are not mixed to avoid the hassle of data management. This is also an ingenious method to distinguish photos and videos of different versions. However, the capacity will accumulate and increase if you have more and more funds. Use as few accounts as possible to avoid filling up your smartphone memory.

Story Saver free

Repost old content

Indeed this is what most people when downloading Story Saver will do. There is no reason to ignore our beautiful photos and quality videos. To repost to Instagram, select what you want to repost. Then choose its location to appear on this social network again. Surprise your friends with your content that they haven’t had a chance to see yet. Once in Story Saver’s library, it’s also simple to re-share your data to other platforms.

Story Saver mod free

Along with the development of social networks and modern technology, there will certainly still be a lot of great content to be released in the future. It can be from the users themselves or different companies. The Story Saver mod is the tool to do this to save them as part of your memories.

Download Story Saver MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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