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NameFTP Server APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Sharing documents using regular links on smartphones is quite time-consuming and has the potential for unexpected errors. Use FTP Server as a separate server to completely solve this problem. This application allows you to create a private server on your smartphone, and from there, other smartphones can access this server. Get the desired documents and data contained in the main smartphone. This tool is widely used to share documents for everyone in the fastest way. Increase teamwork efficiency and speed up projects.

To start and use FTP Server, you need to have a network connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Tethering… Users accessing FTP Server will be anonymous depending on the characteristics and requirements of the owner. Maintain. This server allows all users access to view the folders and data in the chair’s smartphone. Connect with the host to send the document files over to anyone who needs it. This will make sending documents to go faster. It doesn’t take as much time as linking to each other smartphones mainly anymore. Everyone will receive the document within seconds of sending it.

FTP Server mod

Download FTP Server mod – Create a server for multiple smartphones at the same time

First, you need to create a server that all can access together. Click create a new server, give it a name, so it’s easier for people to recognize. You need a representation of the host – is yourself, and finally set a password to prevent anyone else from accessing. When you complete your server, invite people to visit it and give them the password to gain access to your server. So now you and the others are in a different place. Here everyone can share many essential documents. Everyone is allowed to access the folders and files in the host’s smartphone and copy them.

Closely monitor participants

Although a participant can access the host’s documents, that is only the case when the host allows them to do so. Suppose there are many inappropriate behaviors and affect the work of many other members. In that case, the chairperson has the right to remove that individual by banning their smartphones from accessing their servers. They will no longer be able to access your information. This has always been one of the effective ways to manage security. Things would go more smoothly if everyone shared information voluntarily and securely.

FTP Server mod apk

Support multiple operating systems

Users who own devices with different operating systems will not need to worry anymore. FTP Server supports almost all the most popular operating systems for both smartphones and personal computers. You can download the FTP server from Windows, Mac OS, or Linux and use it as usual. And for each operating system, there are many other unique features, such as the Mac OS finder and Linux file manager. Additional features will be most available on Android as it is the primary operating system that FTP Server supports. The remaining all essential functions usually work in all operating systems.

Move through multiple locations

What moves here is a network connection to use the FTP Server. Usually, for any application, switching the network connection means restarting all work done. The program will automatically reset, and it isn’t easy to return to the previous state. Fortunately, this will not happen with FTP Server. Participants will still be on the host’s server when the network connection is down. They won’t be able to connect and get documents from the host, though. Above all, this still ensures that communication between people will not be interrupted when switching to another local network.

FTP Server mod apk free

Create a place for people to interact and work together: link information and share documents for everyone. FTP Server mod clearly shows its strengths. The speed of downloading and sending documents is entirely superior to conventional applications. Very suitable for important group work.

Download FTP Server APK for Android

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