Magnet Miner MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.61

Updated 21/02/2024 (24 hours ago)
NameMagnet Miner APK
PublisherRay Mobile Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Magnet Miner

Explore endless gold mines and start your mining journey in the game Magnet Miner. You will become a gold miner and start your mining quest. Your dream is to enrich yourself from the gold mine with a powerful magnet. And to do that, you have begun the journey to move to all your lands. You want to find out where the gold mine is located and use your tools to mine it. You’ve got a powerful magnet ready, and it’s time to use it to attract gold. Start your journey to find places to store gold and get rich from magnets.

You are a miner looking for gold mines to make a lot of money from them. And in this world of gold, your dream of getting rich will be able to come true. Finding a goldmine is just the first step to implementing your plan to get rich. After finding gold mines, you will use your unique tool to pull them up. You have created a large magnet yourself, and it has the effect of attracting gold mines. But underneath the mine you are mining, there is gold and many expensive objects. Use your magnet to drop the gold mines and suck up all the precious things.

Magnet Miner free

Download Magnet Miner mod – Become a wealthy gold miner

Your ability in gold mines is to mine and get rich. And to get closer to the goal of getting rich from gold mining, you need to use your magnet. It’s a vehicle you create yourself to be able to drop into your gold mine. The gold will be attracted to your magnet, and you need to use your hand to pull it up. However, this is not easy because there are many other objects underneath the mine. They can be iron ore or non-expensive items that prevent you from sucking gold up. Search for gold mines in this world and become a gold miner with a magnet.

Magnet Miner mod apk

Powerful magnets

Tools for you to mine gold are not like what people imagine. You are a poor farmer determined to create your tools to mine gold. And the only thing you have is a powerful magnet used to suck the gold underneath the mine. But the magnet you made worked when it could help you to mine. Your dream of getting rich from a gold mine has a chance to come true, and stick with it. The powerful magnet will be the tool for you to suck up all the gold and sell it for a profit. Launch your magnet under the gold mine and find a way to get rich from this special tool.

Magnet Miner android

Suck the treasure

The only treasures you are always looking for are the gold mines. And you have found a gold mine and begun your journey of mining with a magnet. Your magnet is strong, but you can lose strength when pulling gold up. The gold mines you find have a lot of gold, and you must practice using the magnet. And if you don’t align it correctly, your magnet won’t be able to attract the gold underneath. So you need to short where the gold is and project your powerful magnet in that direction. The opportunity to get rich from the gold mine is yours, and don’t let anyone stop you from sucking the treasure.

Magnet Miner apk

Discover the gold mine

The gold mine you find has a lot of treasure underneath, and you are confident in your abilities. And the magnet is the only tool for you to pull all the gold up from deep below the mine. However, your dream of getting rich will be slowed down if you do not upgrade the magnet. The magnet will take a long time to pull the gold up if it hits the big gold bar. So you need to use the money from selling gold to upgrade your magnet. You also have to upgrade your cart to hold more gold after mining. The underground gold mine is yours; use your magnets to explore and get rich.

Magnet Miner mod

You have obtained a powerful magnet, which is the basis for getting rich from the gold mine. This special magnet can help you pull all the deep gold underground. All you need to do is find potential gold mines and drop your magnet. If it can suck gold, your dream of getting rich from gold mining is about to come true. Attracting gold mines with a magnet will help you earn a lot of gold at the start. However, the last gold mines contain more gold, so you must upgrade the magnet. Download Magnet Miner to become a gold miner and get rich with a powerful magnet.

How to Download & Install Magnet Miner MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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