Magic: Puzzle Quest MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) 6.3.1

Updated 28/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameMagic: Puzzle Quest APK
PublisherD3 Go!
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Magic: Puzzle Quest MOD APK Information

Mod Menu

  1. Damage Multiplier (against enemy Player, not enemy cards)
  2. Damage Multiplier (for your Player, not your cards)

Introduce MOD APK Magic: Puzzle Quest

If you have great power, how will you use it? Learn how to put it to good use through Magic: Puzzle Quest’s ambitious battles. Possess the strongest monsters and command them to your will. Defeat other leaders with their armies in great battles. Apply intelligent strategies to gain the upper hand and overwhelm the enemy. Wisdom is the most powerful weapon you can possess.

Magic: Puzzle Quest is a hybrid version of Magic: The Gathering game and match-3 role-playing style. It is prevalent and well received by a wide variety of players. You will be surprised because its graphics are reproduced in detail. The gameplay gives depth and challenges everyone’s control. Collecting and growing are the most important goals you need to achieve. Find yourself the most effective path and build skills.

Magic Puzzle Quest mod

Download Magic: Puzzle Quest – Use strategy to master the arena

The gameplay of Magic: Puzzle Quest is similar to the classic match-3 games you’ve ever seen. However, it will have a few more advanced things you need to know if you want to lose. The first is that the gems will be divided into green, red, blue, yellow, and purple colors. Each color will function as a summon, give energy or power to the cards. You can gather the cards you want when you have enough energy. These cards will automatically attack and defend when it’s their turn. You have to find a way to match the post stones together. Prioritize what you need to use to your advantage.

The amount of health that you and your opponent have will only be limited to a particular range. If someone’s health points are depleted first, they will lose. It would be best to find a way to get the minor damage and deal more damage to the enemy.

Magic Puzzle Quest mod free

Collect cards

The cards will be a direct influence on the player’s strength in the matches. Cards are divided into two separate categories, magic, and mythical creatures. Magic cards like the Star of Extinction have specific effects, such as destroying the enemy’s land and providing upbeat, harmful, or even trade-off effects. Creatures are more straightforward, and they are classified according to the amount of attack and defense available. These are cards that will help you attack and defend against your opponent. Their power can be further enhanced by the effect of magic. Cards with high rarity will give you a great advantage.

Unique game mode

You can choose between battles with the system or against other players. The system will bring challenges in the form of journeys for you to conquer. The rewards can be given when you complete basic levels, and it could be new cards or resources to use for multiple purposes. Unlike the system, PvP mode is not accessible for you to overcome. The players will be randomly selected and fight with you. They will have their thinking and tactics to cause many obstacles for you. It is entirely possible to invite more of your friends here to enjoy the fun.

Magic Puzzle Quest mod apk

Various rewards

To find more resources and new cards, you can do suggested quests. These missions will have different requirements and specific periods. The rewards you get will be well worth the effort. It can be precious diamonds or mysterious chests. In mysterious chests, there is always a chance to hunt cards of high rarity. The more you play, the higher the opportunity to enrich your collection. The gems that you collect can be used in opening lucky chests. Look for magic cards or stronger creatures to add to the squad.

Magic Puzzle Quest mod android

Personal Rating

This is a more advanced form when you enter the PvP mode of the game. Here will be divided into different ranks with points limits for you. If you pass these limits, you will be promoted to a higher grade than before. Accumulate these scores from wins against other players. If you lose, you will have points deducted and possibly demoted to lower positions. The higher you go, the more terrible the players you meet. Requires you to be more sensitive and to calculate the moves carefully. How far can you go in Magic: Puzzle Quest mod?

How to Download & Install Magic: Puzzle Quest MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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